Brown or Berry?

One simple question to answer this season: Brown or Berry?

Although i’m not a big fan of brown when it comes to clothing, this fall i’m crushing over this colour in all lipstick shades (Matte terracotta, creamy coffee, deep brown, burnt brown…) giving us a throwback to the 90s. It’s suitable for every skin color & flattering for all lips shapes!


As for the berry shade, we’ve already seen it on different catwalks but this season it would be exciting to try the darker shades of it like plum and purple. Those shades will guarantee a dark romantic touch to every winter look.


Now tell me which of the innovative shades will upgrade your winter makeup, brown or berry?


Shiny fall trends

While everyone’s eyes is on Paris fashion week for SS16 let’s keep focused on this season, the season of the bling! Because this fall is all about big jewelry that turns eyes! It is not just about statement necklaces, but about big earrings, chunky bracelets,  beautiful hair clips & even a full pierced face like seen at Givenchy.

I have to admit that I’m very excited about the brooch comeback. This season dare to style your brooches as they can be used as an embellishment to your jackets, knits, scarfs & even hats adding a sophisticated flare to your warm fall looks. Without forgetting that this trend can be pocket friendly, as brooches can be found in so many shops & the best ones might even be found in your grandma’s drawer!




Single Earring


Statement bracelets


Crystal necklaces

Oscars 2015 statement jewelry

We woke up this Monday a little bit more excited as the 87th Academy Awards happened while we where sleeping. Usually the Oscars red carpet gives birth to the most iconic dresses & stars appearance. This year celebrities picked safe choices except for Jennifer Lopez & Emma Stone who dazzled, both in Elie Saab gowns. While most of the looks where kept simple we couldn’t but notice the jewelry that made a big statement this year: unique necklaces, jaw-dropping earrings & multi million rings! I’m a big fan of statement pieces myself, so take a look at some of the best looks that where upgraded with outstanding gems.

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Into the storm

This blog is about following your inspiration wherever it takes you, and this time i found mine in the middle of the Windy storm!
I went for a walk with my equally crazy boyfriend to snap some pictures and enjoy the natural beauty, as i wasn’t able to go to work. It is the most unexpected start of the weekend with snow all over Lebanon so seize the moment & stay safe!

Location: Cornet Chehwan – Metn Area

P.S: No filters or editing were applied to the pictures & it is STILL snowing!

00  IMG_3395

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Flower Inspiration


I never thought of going to a flower market until I passed by one on a Sunday afternoon. Seeing beautiful colors and a free parking spot, BINGO!

I went for a walk through the market, thought it was smaller than I expected, but it was full of all kinds of colorful plants & flowers. Some I was seeing for the first time! I started taking pictures (as usual) than as a shopaholic I couldn’t fight the urge of buying some of the things I was seeing, after all it’s a market!

I ended up buying with my friend roses, pink flowers and small apple plant P.S: we both don’t have gardens!

So if you want a break from the city pollution, visit the flower market, taking place in Quarantina facing Forum de Beirut till the 30th of June where you can buy the plants & flower at a very good price! (Average price range 3-10$)






New & Radiant

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new start for everyone, a new chance for change. For me I’ll be working on the blog this year (it’s an old personal project but now seems the right time for it).

It’s a new year and a new color. Last year’s color was Emerald Green but for 2014 let’s welcome Radiant Orchid! Named by the Pantone Color Institute, this color is between pink and purple, a fusion between warm and cold. Most of us aren’t so familiar with this hue, I couldn’t find a single orchid piece in my winter wardrobe and I sure many of you won’t, so here’s some of the pieces I picked to help you integrate this color in your everyday life. As well I will name Kelly Osbourne the queen of Radiant Orchid for her unique hair!

Random Tips:

– If you have a bold style opt for a head to toe radiant orchid/purple outfit but remember to keep it simple and clean.

– If your not sure about this color then add it in small doses: lipstick, hair accessories, bags and shoes…

– Update your home by adding some orchid cushions or other decorative items to your decor