Experimenting outfits

Never tried painting, so I create outfits instead. Styling is another form of art I enjoy: breaking patterns, mixing colors & adding a final accessories touch! It often leads to a piece of art, and every time the result comes up different, as it’s basically mood oriented.


This outfit was picked randomly for a Sunday lunch. I built it around this gorgeous top I felt like I HAD to wear that day!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2

Broke the top femininity with structured “work” pants I would never wear on weekends. Not the usual combination but the colors combined really well with that autumn mood creating an edgy look.mode-nomade-fashion-blog-7mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8

Even if it’s important to follow new trends, don’t let yourself get caught by them to end up looking like everyone else. Try experimenting with your outfits instead, mix the old and the new & dress for your personality!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3

A crush for the city

I’ve been through a love/hate relationship for Beirut. As I lived most of my life in the mountains, they have always been the closest to my heart.


But growing up, especially during my college years, I have grown love for the city as I lived there for a couple of years.

A love I never expected to have for the crowded streets & the things I used to hate became a different kind of inspiration.


The part I don’t like is still there, but I’ve found ways to enjoy my fondness to Beirut:

Walk through it: With the traffic of the city, the only way to enjoy it is to park your car somewhere & walk. Capture new things & discover the small details!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_221f copy

Schedule it: Beirut has a lot of mood lifting & inspirational activities to offer. Things to be experimented differently from day to night. So try to alternate timing / activities as much as possible to keep that love!


A simple morning walk, a tasty cup of coffee while finishing some tasks, late lunch with your friends or drinks with your co-workers. A whole range of activities through day & night to fit everyone, without forgetting that everything can be done in the same area. So can you help not falling in love with Beirut?

Top & Jeans: Zara – Bag: Mango – Sandals: Charles & keith – Choker: Forever 21

Chaos to Harmony

It’s the time when you transform the unexpected chaos into something beautiful!

In this post I’m introducing a new theme on the blog that came up unexpectedly. As I like being behind the cam more than in front of it, every now & then I will be hosting guests for photo-shoot sessions, they will answer style questions boosting your inspiration.

My first guest is P, one of my closest friends. This girl has the most chaotic closet with tones of colors & textures that end up in perfect harmony, making great looks!


Your fashion inspiration: Instagram fashion profiles and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The beauty product you keep on buying: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Mac Cream Colour Base & Radiant Magna Lash mascara! Those are my go to products every time!


Your favorite wardrobe item right now: Definitely the jacket from Topshop I’m wearing in this photo shoot & my dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


What makes or breaks a look: Every item we wear makes a difference starting from the bra! But I think that the hair plays an important role in making or breaking the look, after all “A happy hair day is a happy day!”


Summer or winter fashion? Definitely summer fashion & hot stuff! Winter fashion is just cool… not too cool though!

All bets on red

Put a bet on red, put a bet on love, put a bet on new chances & put a bet on yourself!

Put a bet on red because it will give glam and power to any look.

Put a bet on red because it will give you strength when you feel like everything is black & white.

Put a bet on yourself because you know more than anyone else what you’re worth.


4 628


Touch of autumn

It seems that this autumn the weather is just moody. We are having days with heavy rain, and then days with warm sunshine! The positive side of this is that we can mix between our winter and summer wardrobe and come up with new outfits by adding small details.

In this shoot I created denim on denim look by pairing washed out denim to white shorts and a denim blouse. The shorts and blouse have the same denim color; it looks like I’m a wearing a denim jumpsuit! I added a warm touch of color with a slim belt and a fur bag. To finish up the look a statement necklace and white pumps!

My tip for wearing shorts and stay classy is to play on length and layers. The short are a little bit funky meanwhile the long sleeve blouse, buttoned up, keeps the outfit balanced and warm.

Blouse & Necklace: Stradivarius – Shorts: Mango – Pump: Aldo – Bag: Local Store.






Stay warm & chic!

Lebanon was blessed those couple of days with heavy rains forcing us to switch to a warmer wardrobe. I know we are all trying to postpone this switch as much as possible, but I also know that we are all ready to embrace new fall/winter trends.

One of the must-have trends this fall is the cape trend that you could spot on many runways (Blumarine, Dolce&Gabbana, Saint Laurent…) with versatile styles and materials.


This trend alters to different forms too like ponchos and blankets, hitting the streets widely with the personalized Burberry blanket worth 1,395$ seen on our favorite celebrities like Cara Delevingne & Sarah Jessica Parker.


Everyone can pull off the cape/poncho/blanket trend but be careful with the way you wear it. You don’t want to look like you’ve been recovering from illness!

Wear it with slim silhouette like skinny jeans, with shorter length items like shorts, or just belt it around the waist. And no matter what look you adopt make sure you can move easily and use your hands comfortably!


Finally this fall winter season don’t hesitate using your crazy over the top outwear to make a winter statement and stay warm at the same time!


Ripped & Tucked

In the earlier post “redhead by choice” I talked about my new hair color, changed from light brown to Mahogany red, so I went for an unplanned casual photo shoot just to see how it looks. I was wearing light colors to celebrate the weather that was still warm last week. A casual pale blue T-shirt that I bought without trying it on & it turned out to be a little bit loose. I rolled up the sleeves and tucked the front of the shirt in my pants for a more defined look. So if you ever buy something and it doesn’t turn out to be the way you want it to be, or it doesn’t fit, think of alternatives. You can always experiment with your clothing items to achieve the desirable look: tuck, rip, roll, accessorize…. get creative! I paired the T-shirt with white ripped denim and white textured leather sandals with holographic detail. I added a silver statement necklace & silver bracelet with pearls for a feminine touch.

Jeans & T-Shirt: Zara, Sandals: Aldo, Necklace & bracelet: Local Store

Ripped&Tucked 1

Ripped&Tucked2 Ripped&Tucked4 Ripped&Tucked6

Crop it off

Hello all Monday survivor! To help you keep the weekend vibes in you, here’s a post about the MUST HAVE trends for this summer: the crop tops! It might not be the easiest trend to pull off especially if you’re not a 16 year old teanager with toned abs. But we all love fashion because you can & you should mold it to fit your body and personality. So don’t be afraid to go for the cropped top, you can pair it with high waisted pants for a modern off to the edge look or with a midi or pencil skirt for a classic extra feminin twist.
Here’s my selection to you!




Comfy casual


Happy Easter guys! Might be late but better than never!

This is just a quick look for the casual outfit I was wearing last week for a night at the movies. The idea of going to the movies is to relax so I was wearing one of the comfiest looks: boyfriend jeans & sneakers!

While keeping the outfit very simple with light colors, turquoise sneakers popped out the look paired with a super cute beige shoulder bag.

P.S: we watched Transcendence movie starring Johnny Depp. It’s a good movie that make you question the limit and interfere of science in our lives and morality. And every movie starring Johnny Depp is a hit. Duh!

Jeans: Stradivarius – Sweater: Zara – Sneakers: Adidas – Necklace: H&M – Bag: Local store









Trends Gone Blind!

Beirut is with no doubt one of the best fashion capitals in the world! Joining designers and people with different styles and sense of fashion. Different personalities expressed in the most classic and crazy ways. Go out for a drink at any of Beirut bars and you’ll definitely understand the Lebanese street style fashion scene. You’ll see girls in sky-high Loubis & others rocking outrageous sneakers!

That’s the Lebanese freedom of expression and our street art BUT some of those girls are just going too far with their fashionista diva look! It really pisses me off seeing those deadly fashion mistakes Lebanese girls do. Following trends is cool but it doesn’t mean u have to wear them the way everyone does or wearing them from head to toe or even wearing them when they don’t compliment your body or style!

I really get excited about new trends from the runaway then a couple of months I started seeing them on every single girl (styled in good & bad ways) like wedge sneakers, ombrée hair, neon colors, mirrored sunglasses…

So girls, trends are set by fashion people as a guide to serve you. You can play & experiment to achieve a unique look not a circus déjà vu!

P.S I’ll try to post pictures from Lebanese street style faux pas, fashion mistakes & trends taken to the edge! 🙂