All bets on red

Put a bet on red, put a bet on love, put a bet on new chances & put a bet on yourself!

Put a bet on red because it will give glam and power to any look.

Put a bet on red because it will give you strength when you feel like everything is black & white.

Put a bet on yourself because you know more than anyone else what you’re worth.


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Redhead by choice

Last week I dyed my hair red! It’s not my first time with the red shades. I used to go for a red brown color that turned into light copper after a while. But this time I chose a more vibrant shade. I picked the color myself and was a little bit surprised by the result, as I wasn’t expecting such a strong color! After the first wash, I was more relaxed especially when I saw positive reactions from people around.


I encourage every girl opting for a change to try red hair color especially if she has a pale skin tone like mine. But before you should pay attention to some tricks:

– Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is very important as you can find so many shades of red!

– Red hair color requires the biggest amount of care, as the color tends to fade quicker than other colors.

– You might want to consider a new haircut (my next step). When you die your hair with a bold color, it’s better to have a clean cut with the right length or it will look shabby.

– When you change your hair color you should pay more attention to the color you wear. Some might be more flattering than others.


V for Valentine

I know i’m late for a Valentine post, but i have to share some inspirational outfits for Valentine or any other romantic night!

As we should always celebrate love, every day of the year. Passionate love, friendly love, unconditional family love, they are different but all kinds of love are strong and warm. So on Valentine you can’t escape a color as strong as red to express your feelings.

Red is the third classic color after black and white. You can use it just to accessorise your outfit or wear a red dress with sexy heels and a hint of leopard print for a killer look.

Enjoy my selection!