Experimenting outfits

Never tried painting, so I create outfits instead. Styling is another form of art I enjoy: breaking patterns, mixing colors & adding a final accessories touch! It often leads to a piece of art, and every time the result comes up different, as it’s basically mood oriented.


This outfit was picked randomly for a Sunday lunch. I built it around this gorgeous top I felt like I HAD to wear that day!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2

Broke the top femininity with structured “work” pants I would never wear on weekends. Not the usual combination but the colors combined really well with that autumn mood creating an edgy look.mode-nomade-fashion-blog-7mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8

Even if it’s important to follow new trends, don’t let yourself get caught by them to end up looking like everyone else. Try experimenting with your outfits instead, mix the old and the new & dress for your personality!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3

Into the storm

This blog is about following your inspiration wherever it takes you, and this time i found mine in the middle of the Windy storm!
I went for a walk with my equally crazy boyfriend to snap some pictures and enjoy the natural beauty, as i wasn’t able to go to work. It is the most unexpected start of the weekend with snow all over Lebanon so seize the moment & stay safe!

Location: Cornet Chehwan – Metn Area

P.S: No filters or editing were applied to the pictures & it is STILL snowing!

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Beirut Art Fair

Beirut Art Fair was held last week at Biel. For those who missed it here’s a small recap about some of the exhibited work. There was a big variety of artwork from artist around the world. It was inspiring to see all those colors and ideas. I just wish that all the Lebanese society starts visiting art fairs, and schools pay more attention to art in their educational programs. Because art is really a window to the soul, where you can replace all the negative feelings with colors.

P.S: If i didn’t mention the name of the artists for some pictures please don’t hesitate to mention them!

Benjamin Carbonne

Benjamin Carbonne




Elena Monzo


Leila Shawa (Plastine) – ” Where Souls Dwell V “