Experimenting outfits

Never tried painting, so I create outfits instead. Styling is another form of art I enjoy: breaking patterns, mixing colors & adding a final accessories touch! It often leads to a piece of art, and every time the result comes up different, as it’s basically mood oriented.


This outfit was picked randomly for a Sunday lunch. I built it around this gorgeous top I felt like I HAD to wear that day!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2

Broke the top femininity with structured “work” pants I would never wear on weekends. Not the usual combination but the colors combined really well with that autumn mood creating an edgy look.mode-nomade-fashion-blog-7mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8

Even if it’s important to follow new trends, don’t let yourself get caught by them to end up looking like everyone else. Try experimenting with your outfits instead, mix the old and the new & dress for your personality!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3

Chaos to Harmony

It’s the time when you transform the unexpected chaos into something beautiful!

In this post I’m introducing a new theme on the blog that came up unexpectedly. As I like being behind the cam more than in front of it, every now & then I will be hosting guests for photo-shoot sessions, they will answer style questions boosting your inspiration.

My first guest is P, one of my closest friends. This girl has the most chaotic closet with tones of colors & textures that end up in perfect harmony, making great looks!


Your fashion inspiration: Instagram fashion profiles and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The beauty product you keep on buying: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Mac Cream Colour Base & Radiant Magna Lash mascara! Those are my go to products every time!


Your favorite wardrobe item right now: Definitely the jacket from Topshop I’m wearing in this photo shoot & my dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


What makes or breaks a look: Every item we wear makes a difference starting from the bra! But I think that the hair plays an important role in making or breaking the look, after all “A happy hair day is a happy day!”


Summer or winter fashion? Definitely summer fashion & hot stuff! Winter fashion is just cool… not too cool though!

All bets on red

Put a bet on red, put a bet on love, put a bet on new chances & put a bet on yourself!

Put a bet on red because it will give glam and power to any look.

Put a bet on red because it will give you strength when you feel like everything is black & white.

Put a bet on yourself because you know more than anyone else what you’re worth.


4 628


Shades of Valentine

Valentine’s Day started as a memory for Saint Valentine, a roman priest tortured & killed for performing marriage ceremonies at a time where it was forbidden. Through the years the memory shifted to a more commercial holiday for lovers. This year the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is released just in time for Valentine, with yet another perspective for this celebration. So in this post I won’t be talking about cute dresses, teddy bears or the movie*; this Valentine I’m talking about the sensual side of this day, I’m talking about lingerie.

Ladies you should put a higher importance on your choice of lingerie, not just on Valentine and independently of your marital status. Those are the pieces that will boost your confidence from within; make you feel and look sexy waking your “inner goddess”! Because there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a confident woman!
Apart from that there’s a big world of underwear that will change your clothes fitting & lift your mood from bodysuits to bustier, corsets, garter/suspender belts, nightgowns and robes…And like any piece you wear it is important to choose the right size & most of all the best shape and fabrics you’ll feel comfortable in (cotton boxers can also be sexy worn with an attitude, Calvin Klein proved that many times!)

Here are some of my top picks from various brands & budgets. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shades01 Shades2 Shades03 Shades04

Simple stroll

With the heavy schedules we are living in we tend to forget the beauty of simple things, like the beauty of a simple walk & a simple outfit.

I’m a mountain kind of girl so I tend to go and discover natural places whenever I can, like I did on this photo shoot.The outfit is about simplicity, a lot of girls tend to overdo their outfits trying to follow trends, and they forget that sometimes less is more. I am pairing black leggings with a long-sleeve plaid shirt, and I added a quilted gilet to complete the look. I didn’t accessorize at all except for good sunglasses and a pair of glittery shoes. I was in a hurry and as I was going to the mountains I wanted to go light and enjoy the trip.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren – Gilet: Vero Moda – Leggings: Topshop – Shoes: Superga. 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Ripped & Tucked

In the earlier post “redhead by choice” I talked about my new hair color, changed from light brown to Mahogany red, so I went for an unplanned casual photo shoot just to see how it looks. I was wearing light colors to celebrate the weather that was still warm last week. A casual pale blue T-shirt that I bought without trying it on & it turned out to be a little bit loose. I rolled up the sleeves and tucked the front of the shirt in my pants for a more defined look. So if you ever buy something and it doesn’t turn out to be the way you want it to be, or it doesn’t fit, think of alternatives. You can always experiment with your clothing items to achieve the desirable look: tuck, rip, roll, accessorize…. get creative! I paired the T-shirt with white ripped denim and white textured leather sandals with holographic detail. I added a silver statement necklace & silver bracelet with pearls for a feminine touch.

Jeans & T-Shirt: Zara, Sandals: Aldo, Necklace & bracelet: Local Store

Ripped&Tucked 1

Ripped&Tucked2 Ripped&Tucked4 Ripped&Tucked6