Congested thoughts

I’m an over thinker and my close friends know that really well! I can think of a million scenarios in a moment and about a situation over & over again! It’s not healthy or nice, I’m trying to slow it down a bit, but having almost 2 hours daily to spend alone in the car isn’t helping. Therefore, as I’m using this blog as a therapy for my thoughts (i even have a full category for that!), I’m sharing with you some questions I think about while stuck in Beirut’s traffic.

Keeping quiet or speaking? Would you scream even if you know that your voice won’t be heard? Would you speak when you know you won’t be understood? Would you speak when you know that the people you’re talking to aren’t worth your words?

Love or ego? If you had to choose between love or ego, what would you choose? Would you sacrifice an eternity of serenity for a moment of pride?

Forgiveness or revenge? If hurt, would you be choosing to forgive & forget or to seek revenge? Will your mind win over your emotions? Will you let yourself dwell in anger or fly with peace?

Tough truth or fake hope? Will you hold on to a fake hope to survive? Or will you keep reminding yourself with the ugly truth, let it kill you & come up stronger?

The world or one person? If you had to choose between the world or one person that means the world to you who would you choose? Would you sacrifice everything for one? Now who is the person that first came up to your mind 😉

I would love to know what would you choose & what you are thinking about so feel free to leave a reply in the comments box or send me an email on


I usually don’t buy drugstore foundation because I have a very sensitive skin, but I gave this NYX foundation a try. And my shot was on point as this foundation turned out to be super lightweight & has a buildable coverage thanks to the drop formula so it works well for everyday make up if you want light coverage. The only thing I found trouble with is the direct application on the face as things might get messy! NYX recommends using the special total control brush for application:


Welcome autumn with this palette 10 different colors, mixing between mattes and shimmers. The mirror & a double-end sponge applicator are well hidden underneath, you just have to slide the top part. Be careful not to miss it!

As for the shadows quality I have mixed feelings, some colors aren’t as strong as they appear to be, like the purple shade. But others have really nice pigmentation like the goldy orange one (I loveeed this shade).

Final verdict: I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I think you can find better drugstore palette with the same price range, but the colors shade range/combination is a winner!

Products bought from NYX shop – ABC Verdun, Lebanon

Bickfaya Flower Market

Last weekend I passed by Bickfaya to check one of their events that locals became used to “Marché aux fleurs” (Flower Market). For people who don’t know, Bickfaya a town in Metn area, is well known for – beside politics – it’s beautiful nature & yummy peaches!

The flower market is not just a place for people to meet & catch up but also for locals to display their products from flowers, home appliances & accessories, which is needed in a town that’s barely active during the weekdays.

So take a tour on what you’ve missed & have a nice day!

To check all the events & news related to Bickfaya, visit their facebook page:

Featured handmade accessories from SHINE:



Can you resist those little ones?


Dreamy entrance


Handmade necklaces by SHINE


Celebrating flowers in accessories



Oh La La



LOVE Photo Booth



Loved the lemonade/orange station!



Food section & kids 🙂


The main road with Bickfaya famous trees in the background

Forever 21 Beirut

On Saturday was the opening of the first Forever 21 store in Lebanon, a much-anticipated event! A private launch along with a fashion show was held a day before by BTL creative team, full of smiles & energy. I’ve never been to any of the store branches abroad and I wasn’t disappointed at all! I was delighted by the variety of styles and low price range; in addition I didn’t expect a big collection for the lingerie & accessories sections! I’m sure that forever 21 will be a new favorite but I also hope that the shop will maintain their price & quality standards especially with the crowded retail scene in Lebanon. Enjoy some of the pictures I snapped during the event & don’t forget to follow me on other social media platforms for more! 2 3 1


Sea of Shoes!


Fashion show with 4 models each wearing different style


Attitudes at the fashion show!


Lebanese bloggers: Lara, Théa & Farah!

9 10


And least but not last: Myself!

Designers Market Opening

Last Thursday was the opening of the Designers Market, a Danish multibrand clothing store. Their slogan is “Understanding women” and they sure do, gathering several brands with different styles under the same roof, with a chic and modern decoration, so you won’t leave disappointed!

I talked to the owner & event organizers and knew that the shop will be hosting new Lebanese Designers every weekend to show their collections, which seems to be a great idea!

I loved the diversity of the collections as well as the event, where u could watch the collection/models and play with Gavin Ford & Olga Haber for a chance to win a 100$ voucher (I regret not playing 😦 )

Brands displayed: Cream, Kaffe, Gestuz, From Lou, Occupied, Syrup and Denim Hunter.

Branches Location: Zouk Highway & Tripoli.




25% off everything for the first 3 days



Beautiful decoration & display!



The lovely Mirna Sayegh wearing a full outfit from the collection. Shoes: AlexanderWang X H&M

Myself - On the right trying a pink coat i fell in love with!

Myself: On the left just posing for the cameras 🙂 On the right trying a pink coat i fell in love with!


Escape the clutter

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by all the things happening around you? Are you feeling confused about the decisions to make? If the answer is positive then don’t panic, it’s pretty normal and it just means you should take a moment and ORGANIZE! Personally, I am a very organized person but sometimes I find myself in complete clutter where it becomes very hard to get things done. So I have small tips to orient your organizational skills and put you on the right track.

– Set your goal, one goal at a time. Know what you want and define it well. Whether it’s a personal matter or a business task, you should clearly know what is your goal from the start and have a clear view of it to avoid confusion or ending up on a very different track.
What are your goals?
– Put a time limit. This point is very important and few of us consider it! You absolutely should put yourself a time limit or a deadline. Setting a goal with no time limit is just day dreaming. Having a date will make you work more and not just postpone things you want to do.
Time- 1844674
– Write everything down. As dull as it seems but writing everything down and always seeing your goals in front of your eyes will play a big role in the declutter process. You can use stick notes or a big board with a calendar in your room & keep your eyes set on the goal!
– Get the right tools. It is essential to arm yourself with the right tools! Purchase items that will help you organize and declutter, start from your own house and move to your desk then forward. You can’t achieve anything if you are in crowded unorganized places. Put your things in specific boxes, place tags, and make everything look nice, appealing and inspirational. Plus finding your things quickly will save you a lot of time!
$_35 eclectic-kids
– Ask for help. You must know that it is ok to ask for help. No one is a super “know it all” person. Asking people you trust or qualified professionals will absolutely help you. Whether in home declutter, personal advice, business orientation or other goals you can benefit from others experiences to get a clear organized view and achieve the things you want to get done!
Buried in Paperwork with Surrender Flat
Hope those tips will help you when you feel you’re wasting your time and not being able to complete your task. Feel free to add your ideas!

Plastik* x L’armoire de Lana x Poise

Let’s have a little flash back to the Beirut Design Week! One of the best events i attended was the collaboration of L’armoire de Lana and Poise Design with the Plastik* blow up shop.

The two gorgeous ladies Lana from LDL & Emma from poise introduced a more pop feeling to their image.
LDL collaborated with L’atelier Nawbar for colorful summery bracelets with the blog peephole and key in gold, that would look great in an arm candy party. i got a pink one!

Poise design introduced two flats made especially for the shop. One with neon bees & another with tiny 3D pink flowers.
The brand also had a creative white set with a toilet seat in the middle. Each girl posed in a picture acting according to her shoe personality.

It was great meeting up with the people behind the creations. Seeing how much passion and effort they put into their work was a great motivation for the blog. And a special thanks to my friend who shares with me the same passion for fashion and was a great companion!

For this event I was wearing: “WOW” T shirt inspired by the Pop theme – “Stardivarius” boyfriend jeans – “Zara” white pumps (not appearing in the pictures)

L'armoire de Lana set

L’armoire de Lana set


L’armoire de Lana goes pop with those colorful bracelets!


Can you spot the toilet seat?


Poise2 copy


In front of L’armoire De Lana photobooth

Flower Inspiration


I never thought of going to a flower market until I passed by one on a Sunday afternoon. Seeing beautiful colors and a free parking spot, BINGO!

I went for a walk through the market, thought it was smaller than I expected, but it was full of all kinds of colorful plants & flowers. Some I was seeing for the first time! I started taking pictures (as usual) than as a shopaholic I couldn’t fight the urge of buying some of the things I was seeing, after all it’s a market!

I ended up buying with my friend roses, pink flowers and small apple plant P.S: we both don’t have gardens!

So if you want a break from the city pollution, visit the flower market, taking place in Quarantina facing Forum de Beirut till the 30th of June where you can buy the plants & flower at a very good price! (Average price range 3-10$)






Selfie Night






We are all aware of the #selfie trend taking all over our picture albums after the infamous shot at the Oscars. But I started a trend of my own a while ago and it’s called a “selfie night”

I truly think that each and every one of us, ladies and gentlemen should have a “selfie night” every now and then no matter how busy you get.

Take one night a week, or every two weeks, just for yourself. A moment where u practice a hobby or just take a bath and lay down watching some DVDs, reading a book and pampering yourself in a relaxing mood.

For my “selfie nights” I like to be surrounded by beautiful smells (candles, perfume, body lotions or beauty products…), beautiful images (books, magazines, DVDs…), and tasty food.

Keep the things you like near, they will make you feel good.

Enjoy being selfie!

Appearing in the pictures: ELLE Oriental magazine, Victoria’s secret perfume, Aldo flower earrings, Maybelline Rocket mascara, vintage jewelry box with blue velvet interior bought from a local store.