Salon du Chocolat 2014

Salon du Chocolat an event entirely dedicated to chocolate was held last week for the first time in Lebanon (It’s about time we celebrate chocolate!) The event included live workshops, activities, exhibitions, unveil of new products (smeds, Al Baba’s chocolate knefeh and chocolate znoud el sett) and charity events all related to chocolate! The event … Continue reading Salon du Chocolat 2014

Plastik* x L’armoire de Lana x Poise

Let's have a little flash back to the Beirut Design Week! One of the best events i attended was the collaboration of L'armoire de Lana and Poise Design with the Plastik* blow up shop. The two gorgeous ladies Lana from LDL & Emma from poise introduced a more pop feeling to their image. LDL collaborated with … Continue reading Plastik* x L’armoire de Lana x Poise