Plastik* x L’armoire de Lana x Poise

Let's have a little flash back to the Beirut Design Week! One of the best events i attended was the collaboration of L'armoire de Lana and Poise Design with the Plastik* blow up shop. The two gorgeous ladies Lana from LDL & Emma from poise introduced a more pop feeling to their image. LDL collaborated with … Continue reading Plastik* x L’armoire de Lana x Poise

BDW: Plastik Pop Up Shop

Finally here comes the weekend and here comes the time to explore new places in town. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a special gift to buy then I have a store you must visit! During the Beirut Design Week was the opening of the Plastik pop up store in Saifi Village. If you’re … Continue reading BDW: Plastik Pop Up Shop