A crush for the city

I’ve been through a love/hate relationship for Beirut. As I lived most of my life in the mountains, they have always been the closest to my heart.


But growing up, especially during my college years, I have grown love for the city as I lived there for a couple of years.

A love I never expected to have for the crowded streets & the things I used to hate became a different kind of inspiration.


The part I don’t like is still there, but I’ve found ways to enjoy my fondness to Beirut:

Walk through it: With the traffic of the city, the only way to enjoy it is to park your car somewhere & walk. Capture new things & discover the small details!

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Schedule it: Beirut has a lot of mood lifting & inspirational activities to offer. Things to be experimented differently from day to night. So try to alternate timing / activities as much as possible to keep that love!


A simple morning walk, a tasty cup of coffee while finishing some tasks, late lunch with your friends or drinks with your co-workers. A whole range of activities through day & night to fit everyone, without forgetting that everything can be done in the same area. So can you help not falling in love with Beirut?

Top & Jeans: Zara – Bag: Mango – Sandals: Charles & keith – Choker: Forever 21

Congested thoughts

I’m an over thinker and my close friends know that really well! I can think of a million scenarios in a moment and about a situation over & over again! It’s not healthy or nice, I’m trying to slow it down a bit, but having almost 2 hours daily to spend alone in the car isn’t helping. Therefore, as I’m using this blog as a therapy for my thoughts (i even have a full category for that!), I’m sharing with you some questions I think about while stuck in Beirut’s traffic.

Keeping quiet or speaking? Would you scream even if you know that your voice won’t be heard? Would you speak when you know you won’t be understood? Would you speak when you know that the people you’re talking to aren’t worth your words?

Love or ego? If you had to choose between love or ego, what would you choose? Would you sacrifice an eternity of serenity for a moment of pride?

Forgiveness or revenge? If hurt, would you be choosing to forgive & forget or to seek revenge? Will your mind win over your emotions? Will you let yourself dwell in anger or fly with peace?

Tough truth or fake hope? Will you hold on to a fake hope to survive? Or will you keep reminding yourself with the ugly truth, let it kill you & come up stronger?

The world or one person? If you had to choose between the world or one person that means the world to you who would you choose? Would you sacrifice everything for one? Now who is the person that first came up to your mind 😉

I would love to know what would you choose & what you are thinking about so feel free to leave a reply in the comments box or send me an email on

Chaos to Harmony

It’s the time when you transform the unexpected chaos into something beautiful!

In this post I’m introducing a new theme on the blog that came up unexpectedly. As I like being behind the cam more than in front of it, every now & then I will be hosting guests for photo-shoot sessions, they will answer style questions boosting your inspiration.

My first guest is P, one of my closest friends. This girl has the most chaotic closet with tones of colors & textures that end up in perfect harmony, making great looks!


Your fashion inspiration: Instagram fashion profiles and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The beauty product you keep on buying: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Mac Cream Colour Base & Radiant Magna Lash mascara! Those are my go to products every time!


Your favorite wardrobe item right now: Definitely the jacket from Topshop I’m wearing in this photo shoot & my dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


What makes or breaks a look: Every item we wear makes a difference starting from the bra! But I think that the hair plays an important role in making or breaking the look, after all “A happy hair day is a happy day!”


Summer or winter fashion? Definitely summer fashion & hot stuff! Winter fashion is just cool… not too cool though!

Lexus and the city

Yesterday Lexus introduced their new car line-up. The collection includes fancy cars & SUV models with breathtaking interiors. As i’m not a big car expert, i took a lot of pictures for you guys to check & enjoyed the event that was really well organised, from the welcoming & setting, to the catering & art stations.


Welcoming & presentation












Beirut Art Fair

Beirut Art Fair was held last week at Biel. For those who missed it here’s a small recap about some of the exhibited work. There was a big variety of artwork from artist around the world. It was inspiring to see all those colors and ideas. I just wish that all the Lebanese society starts visiting art fairs, and schools pay more attention to art in their educational programs. Because art is really a window to the soul, where you can replace all the negative feelings with colors.

P.S: If i didn’t mention the name of the artists for some pictures please don’t hesitate to mention them!

Benjamin Carbonne

Benjamin Carbonne




Elena Monzo


Leila Shawa (Plastine) – ” Where Souls Dwell V “


BDW: Plastik Pop Up Shop

Finally here comes the weekend and here comes the time to explore new places in town. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a special gift to buy then I have a store you must visit!

During the Beirut Design Week was the opening of the Plastik pop up store in Saifi Village. If you’re familiar with the Plastik magazine work, you will totally get the new concept store spirit. Fashion items, accessories, paintings, books, and cookies from designers like Corinne Martin, Nada Debs, Sarah’s Bag, Cocoa & Co. that reflect modern pop culture. You can find pretty much everything in this store but nothing you’ve expected, and that’s what I like about this kind of stores!

Will be posting more about the Blow Up event held during the Design Week 2014 so stay in touch and enjoy your weekend!











Beirut Designer’s Week

Events like Beirut designer’s Week are a must to Lebanese society and designers as well. Our upcoming design talents need more support and coverage to access a bigger audience. As well out society needs to see more art and design; beautiful things are a therapy to the soul.

Some familiar names with unique talents where exhibiting like Nadine Zeeni, Aura headpieces, Lina brax the brand, Nicoletta Parodi, Pink aubergine & Oui.We got also introduced to new designers especially in the interior and accessories design field that we didn’t knew about but they showed a lot of uniqueness and creativity.

Though I have some notes taken:

–  I don’t think that bought online accessories belong to Beirut Designer’s Week. It’s disrespectful to the talented designers working so hard on their designs.

– Designers and exhibitors especially new ones should have their business cards ready, or else people will forget about them as soon as they hit the parking

– I know that renting a space at Zaytouna Bay is not cheap but it’s a designer’s week so a nicely decorated and organized stand is appreciated!

–  This year the exhibition was held next to the restaurants, unlike last year when it was on the upper side, facing the road. It was a nice move allowing more interaction between people and exhibitors. The space was bigger and it was more fluent to go from a stand to another.

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Crop it off

Hello all Monday survivor! To help you keep the weekend vibes in you, here’s a post about the MUST HAVE trends for this summer: the crop tops! It might not be the easiest trend to pull off especially if you’re not a 16 year old teanager with toned abs. But we all love fashion because you can & you should mold it to fit your body and personality. So don’t be afraid to go for the cropped top, you can pair it with high waisted pants for a modern off to the edge look or with a midi or pencil skirt for a classic extra feminin twist.
Here’s my selection to you!




Trends Gone Blind!

Beirut is with no doubt one of the best fashion capitals in the world! Joining designers and people with different styles and sense of fashion. Different personalities expressed in the most classic and crazy ways. Go out for a drink at any of Beirut bars and you’ll definitely understand the Lebanese street style fashion scene. You’ll see girls in sky-high Loubis & others rocking outrageous sneakers!

That’s the Lebanese freedom of expression and our street art BUT some of those girls are just going too far with their fashionista diva look! It really pisses me off seeing those deadly fashion mistakes Lebanese girls do. Following trends is cool but it doesn’t mean u have to wear them the way everyone does or wearing them from head to toe or even wearing them when they don’t compliment your body or style!

I really get excited about new trends from the runaway then a couple of months I started seeing them on every single girl (styled in good & bad ways) like wedge sneakers, ombrée hair, neon colors, mirrored sunglasses…

So girls, trends are set by fashion people as a guide to serve you. You can play & experiment to achieve a unique look not a circus déjà vu!

P.S I’ll try to post pictures from Lebanese street style faux pas, fashion mistakes & trends taken to the edge! 🙂