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A crush for the city

I’ve been through a love/hate relationship for Beirut. As I lived most of my life in the mountains, they have always been the closest to my heart.


But growing up, especially during my college years, I have grown love for the city as I lived there for a couple of years.

A love I never expected to have for the crowded streets & the things I used to hate became a different kind of inspiration.


The part I don’t like is still there, but I’ve found ways to enjoy my fondness to Beirut:

Walk through it: With the traffic of the city, the only way to enjoy it is to park your car somewhere & walk. Capture new things & discover the small details!

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Schedule it: Beirut has a lot of mood lifting & inspirational activities to offer. Things to be experimented differently from day to night. So try to alternate timing / activities as much as possible to keep that love!


A simple morning walk, a tasty cup of coffee while finishing some tasks, late lunch with your friends or drinks with your co-workers. A whole range of activities through day & night to fit everyone, without forgetting that everything can be done in the same area. So can you help not falling in love with Beirut?

Top & Jeans: Zara – Bag: Mango – Sandals: Charles & keith – Choker: Forever 21

Congested thoughts

I’m an over thinker and my close friends know that really well! I can think of a million scenarios in a moment and about a situation over & over again! It’s not healthy or nice, I’m trying to slow it down a bit, but having almost 2 hours daily to spend alone in the car isn’t helping. Therefore, as I’m using this blog as a therapy for my thoughts (i even have a full category for that!), I’m sharing with you some questions I think about while stuck in Beirut’s traffic.

Keeping quiet or speaking? Would you scream even if you know that your voice won’t be heard? Would you speak when you know you won’t be understood? Would you speak when you know that the people you’re talking to aren’t worth your words?

Love or ego? If you had to choose between love or ego, what would you choose? Would you sacrifice an eternity of serenity for a moment of pride?

Forgiveness or revenge? If hurt, would you be choosing to forgive & forget or to seek revenge? Will your mind win over your emotions? Will you let yourself dwell in anger or fly with peace?

Tough truth or fake hope? Will you hold on to a fake hope to survive? Or will you keep reminding yourself with the ugly truth, let it kill you & come up stronger?

The world or one person? If you had to choose between the world or one person that means the world to you who would you choose? Would you sacrifice everything for one? Now who is the person that first came up to your mind 😉

I would love to know what would you choose & what you are thinking about so feel free to leave a reply in the comments box or send me an email on

2016: A smile well earned

2016 was the year of surprises, involving unpredictable good & bad events!

I went from redhead to blonde, lost 8 kg, did 1 piercing, visited 4 cities in Italy – my dream country & let go on 2 of my biggest fears. Those are some of the unexpected things that happened last year without being on my “resolutions” list. But the most unexpected thing in 2016 was discovering that I have earned myself a smile on my own, a smile I’m proud of.

I made myself happy & did the things that made me feel good inside, independently from anyone in my life, away from the imaginary perfection that I was trying to reach in previous years & re-done things the way I enjoyed them.

I let go on my urge to plan & have control on everything and just let things happen which made good things more exciting and the bad events less damageable.

2016 didn’t reward me the way I expected to but I can’t say it was bad. It made me realize how much I changed my perspective and how much it allowed me to grow & smile through everything.

So for 2017 don’t stress over making many resolutions, just try to have fun while doing the little things and remember the things that matter the most as the good things will find their way to you without trying hard to reach them.

Be sad but make your sorrows brief.

Laugh more & let people know when you’re happy and remember that happiness isn’t about perfection but about staying true.

Enjoy your Monday even if it meant the start of a busy week.

Enjoy your Saturday night even if it didn’t included a party till dawn.

Enjoy your Sunday road trip even if you get lost along the way.

Finally i want to thank all the people that made me smile till it hurt this year & a bigger thanks to the people who made me smile when it hurt.

28 Lessons Learned

Yesterday I turned 28 & I can’t believe I’ll be 30 in 2 years. Although aging in Lebanon is not a really fun task but I feel quite good for growing as I feel better than yesterday & closer to where I want to be.

When forgetting all the pressure that society puts on you, for acting your age, getting married or taking that job, you can see that there is a lot of things to live, experience and learn away from the typical boundaries & that age is not a limit. I wrote this post to celebrate the years that passed by, the people that came in and out of my life & some of the lessons learned.

  • God is bigger than all the highs & lows. Trust him at hard times & thank him for the good ones.
  • Mistakes are OK so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to fall; you’ll stand up stronger.
  • Live with less. Life is like a hike so take off objects & people that bring you down. Keep it simple & lighter. Don’t buy stuff buy experiences instead.
  • Don’t try to be someone else or try to copy everyone else. Each person is unique; each person is amazing in his own way with all the traits & flaws even if they don’t see it. One of the greatest things is making people see the good in themselves.
  • Follow your passion. Find the things that make you feel complete; they are your calling, never let go on them.
  • Take risks. Because sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone to improve.
  • Start loving yourself before loving anyone else. We usually search for someone to love us & to love back, but we end up forgetting to love ourselves.
  • Love is not a fairytale; it’s about hard work. Don’t let go on the person you love because of some troubles or because things are not the way they are written in books. Try harder, communicate, compromise, sacrifice, forgive, show support, do all the things that should be done if you believe in it.
  • Love should grow with you, or it will die with time.
  • For a successful & balanced life, you have to give back. Don’t close yourself off, give from your time, give your ideas, give guidance, give more than you receive, give without expecting to be given in return.
  • Heartbreaks & disappointments get worse with age.
  • Compromise on what you want not what you need.
  • Your time is one of the most valuable things you have. Don’t waste your time; it is a waste of life. Pick well the people you spend your time with, you’re giving them a part of your life.
  • Always give a second chance never third.
  • Don’t judge people based on past experiences. Open a blank page with every person you encounter or you’ll miss the good things.
  • Always trust your instinct, deep inside you know.
  • Space is essential in every relationship. Taking some space from people doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore or that you’re pushing them away, it is just a way to be closer to yourself. Taking some time alone might be the most revealing experience.
  • People love differently & they express their love differently. Some will pamper you, but others will push you away. Don’t judge them over that; try to understand their signs instead.
  • Never hurt people, especially the close ones. Be careful on your words & actions, some things are irreversible.
  • Show people that you care. Don’t assume that people already know that, remind them that you care every now & then. Might be with a gift, a phone call or a simple hug.
  • Family comes first. They are the ones that were here when you were born & the ones that will stay next to you until you die. Spend more time with them & make them happy.
  • Speak out loud. We live in a crowded world, to be seen you have to speak out loud & clear. And be smart because sometimes silence is louder than words.
  • Limit the sharing. Over sharing might confuse you, people don’t always have the right advises. Some might try to help but in fact they’ll only make things worse.
  • You learn at yoga classes the importance of a breath so take those deep long breathes & relax!
  • Embrace & understand your fears or they will make you vulnerable. Try to overcome them; it will definitely make you stronger. If you can’t overcome them, accept them, no one is perfect.
  • Treat your body & mind right. Eat healthy, sleep well, move often & learn something new every day. A healthy being is a source of good energy & you can’t do well to the world if you’re not feeling good.
  • Get lost in nature & enjoy the outdoors. Nature is the best therapy. Sea or mountain person, you’ll always find yourself in it.
  • If you want it, do it yourself but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t depend on anyone for doing your own work. No one will do the things you should do for yourself instead of you, no one will do them the way you want to. But a lot of people care enough to help so don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.

After the holidays: The survival kit!

It’s almost a week after the holidays are over & people started to lose that positive spirit they had during the joyful season. That’s why i made a small list to keep those happy vibes last longer & push stress away.


Souk El Akel – Jbeil

1- Remember. Remember all the love you shared on Christmas with your family & friends. Remember all the things they gave you out of love. Remember that their love & support will be there all the time, whenever you need it, not just during the holidays.


2- Give back. There’s such a joy in giving back & it doesn’t have to be limited to the holidays. Choose something your passionate about & a way to share what you have with others. You can help children old people or animal shelters. You can give money, food or art lessons. It doesn’t matter how big or small your deeds are as long as they last all year long.


Christmas in Action – Trainstation

3-Keep your resolutions. We all know that new years resolutions are a one night stand resolutions! But i think that if you want to keep the positive holiday spirit with you than you should keep your resolutions alive. Start living by them from the first day of the year, don’t postpone anything, keep chasing your goals, keep them written on your walls if you had to! Resolutions are a light of hope & never ever lose that!


The Village

4- Avoid. The thing about the holiday season is that we work on avoiding negative vibes & enjoy positive feelings, so i bet you can keep your negativity shield on for after the holidays! Avoid drama, avoid negativity, avoid people who make you feel bad, avoid places that make you feel uncomfortable, avoid food & habits that make you feel sick.


Aain Aar

5- Take care of yourself. This is the only tip that you should be doing in contrary to what you where doing during the holidays. We all know about the food, the wine & the extra sleeping hours, therefore the most important tip to survive after the holidays is to take good care of yourself. To stay positive & keep moving, you should stay healthy, physically & mentally. Don’t neglect yourself or make compromises over your health. Find your own way to keep your body & mind at it’s best state!


Cinnamon & Red fruits cupcake – Magnolia Bakery ❤


Christmas in  Action – Trainstation


Into the storm

This blog is about following your inspiration wherever it takes you, and this time i found mine in the middle of the Windy storm!
I went for a walk with my equally crazy boyfriend to snap some pictures and enjoy the natural beauty, as i wasn’t able to go to work. It is the most unexpected start of the weekend with snow all over Lebanon so seize the moment & stay safe!

Location: Cornet Chehwan – Metn Area

P.S: No filters or editing were applied to the pictures & it is STILL snowing!

00  IMG_3395

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First year anniversary recap

This week is my blog’s first year anniversary “Yayyy!” I can’t believe that a year already passed since I had this December resolution of finally having my own blog, after years of reading international and local blogs. I have to admit, my start was slow & unplanned. I jumped to the blogging world having no idea about my blog’s name, theme or content. I just knew I had to start doing this, expressing my ideas, following creativity & inspirations, to escape routine & negative vibes. I starting blogging anonymously, just a few very close people knew about it!

Finding the right name for the blog was the real start. I wanted a name that expresses style & inspiration, fanciness & freedom in a different way. With a good name on my header I was ready to go more viral on every social media platform! (Speaking of, don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’ for daily updates J)

The last couple of months hold major changes for the blog, I started my personal style photo-shoot sessions while trying to have more regular posts (as challenging as it is), attending events and meeting up with new interesting people especially other bloggers <3. Meetings and activities that gave me much more determination & passion to work harder on the blog, that’s no longer just a one month resolution but a lifetime project!

Finally I want to thank everyone who sincerely supported me & believed in my skills (especially my boyfriend/photographer). And dear readers always follow your passions and inspirations, as they are the things that make you a better & productive person! And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog as new ideas & collaborations are on their ways!

Escape the clutter

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by all the things happening around you? Are you feeling confused about the decisions to make? If the answer is positive then don’t panic, it’s pretty normal and it just means you should take a moment and ORGANIZE! Personally, I am a very organized person but sometimes I find myself in complete clutter where it becomes very hard to get things done. So I have small tips to orient your organizational skills and put you on the right track.

– Set your goal, one goal at a time. Know what you want and define it well. Whether it’s a personal matter or a business task, you should clearly know what is your goal from the start and have a clear view of it to avoid confusion or ending up on a very different track.
What are your goals?
– Put a time limit. This point is very important and few of us consider it! You absolutely should put yourself a time limit or a deadline. Setting a goal with no time limit is just day dreaming. Having a date will make you work more and not just postpone things you want to do.
Time- 1844674
– Write everything down. As dull as it seems but writing everything down and always seeing your goals in front of your eyes will play a big role in the declutter process. You can use stick notes or a big board with a calendar in your room & keep your eyes set on the goal!
– Get the right tools. It is essential to arm yourself with the right tools! Purchase items that will help you organize and declutter, start from your own house and move to your desk then forward. You can’t achieve anything if you are in crowded unorganized places. Put your things in specific boxes, place tags, and make everything look nice, appealing and inspirational. Plus finding your things quickly will save you a lot of time!
$_35 eclectic-kids
– Ask for help. You must know that it is ok to ask for help. No one is a super “know it all” person. Asking people you trust or qualified professionals will absolutely help you. Whether in home declutter, personal advice, business orientation or other goals you can benefit from others experiences to get a clear organized view and achieve the things you want to get done!
Buried in Paperwork with Surrender Flat
Hope those tips will help you when you feel you’re wasting your time and not being able to complete your task. Feel free to add your ideas!

Trends Gone Blind!

Beirut is with no doubt one of the best fashion capitals in the world! Joining designers and people with different styles and sense of fashion. Different personalities expressed in the most classic and crazy ways. Go out for a drink at any of Beirut bars and you’ll definitely understand the Lebanese street style fashion scene. You’ll see girls in sky-high Loubis & others rocking outrageous sneakers!

That’s the Lebanese freedom of expression and our street art BUT some of those girls are just going too far with their fashionista diva look! It really pisses me off seeing those deadly fashion mistakes Lebanese girls do. Following trends is cool but it doesn’t mean u have to wear them the way everyone does or wearing them from head to toe or even wearing them when they don’t compliment your body or style!

I really get excited about new trends from the runaway then a couple of months I started seeing them on every single girl (styled in good & bad ways) like wedge sneakers, ombrée hair, neon colors, mirrored sunglasses…

So girls, trends are set by fashion people as a guide to serve you. You can play & experiment to achieve a unique look not a circus déjà vu!

P.S I’ll try to post pictures from Lebanese street style faux pas, fashion mistakes & trends taken to the edge! 🙂



Blame it on Cinderella!

I am a 25-year-old graphic designer, graduated a year ago but graphic design doesn’t seem enough for me. I’m stepping out on other territories exploring other sides of myself and talking about what I love the most: Fashion.

Fashion was my first love and you can blame Cinderella for that! As a kid, I was watching the 1950 Walt Disney movie: Cinderella was sad, the mice started helping her, a fantastic dress was made and Boom! Cinderella was happy, my eyes where wide open!

I fell in love with the dressmaking, stupefied of how good the right outfit can make you look and feel! Since that moment, I started drawing and seeing colors and shapes in a different way.