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Tanya Heath In Beirut

mode-nomade-fashion-blog-1Yesterday was the opening of the first Tanya Heath shop in Lebanon & the Middle East. The footwear designer was present to explain everything about the revolutionary shoes brand with interchangeable heels.

mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3So you can now forget about the heels pain & about taking your “shame” ballerina bag everywhere with you, because with Tanya Heath you can switch heels with just one click. And what surprised me more is how light the heels are, even the chunky ones!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-4mode-nomade-fashion-blog-5mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8


Cynthia Esber (in red) & Tanya Heath (in Black) with Roudi Rahme and Maya Acra


Welcoming Tanya Heath “á la Libanaise” with a Selfie!

Event organized by Cynthia Esber & “Luxury Limited Edition”

Location: Ghandour El Saad Street, Ashrafieh

Shoes price range: 350 – 600$

Heels price range: 39 – 80$

Bickfaya Flower Market

Last weekend I passed by Bickfaya to check one of their events that locals became used to “Marché aux fleurs” (Flower Market). For people who don’t know, Bickfaya a town in Metn area, is well known for – beside politics – it’s beautiful nature & yummy peaches!

The flower market is not just a place for people to meet & catch up but also for locals to display their products from flowers, home appliances & accessories, which is needed in a town that’s barely active during the weekdays.

So take a tour on what you’ve missed & have a nice day!

To check all the events & news related to Bickfaya, visit their facebook page:

Featured handmade accessories from SHINE:



Can you resist those little ones?


Dreamy entrance


Handmade necklaces by SHINE


Celebrating flowers in accessories



Oh La La



LOVE Photo Booth



Loved the lemonade/orange station!



Food section & kids 🙂


The main road with Bickfaya famous trees in the background

Lexus and the city

Yesterday Lexus introduced their new car line-up. The collection includes fancy cars & SUV models with breathtaking interiors. As i’m not a big car expert, i took a lot of pictures for you guys to check & enjoyed the event that was really well organised, from the welcoming & setting, to the catering & art stations.


Welcoming & presentation












Back with a Flashback!

This summer I kind of let go on blogging. I had many things to do & many emotions to deal with so I had all my energy focused on how to finish my daily tasks, enjoy my time & stay healthy.

But summer is about to end, and I hope that September will hold positive changes to the blog. So in this post I will share some of my summer moments.

Shot of the Bekaa surroundings taken from Zahleh.

Shot of the Bekaa surroundings taken from Zahleh.

Summer is made for road trips and the best thing a person can do is to drive away from the city & enjoy the beauty of our beautiful country that never fades despite all the bad things happening.


Beiteddine Palace – Aley

I’m a night person and there’s nothing more I love than staying up all night! Picture of Jounieh Festival from the sea.


A night is not complete without good food.


Souk El Akel & Flashback Exhibition Broumana

Music, dancing & colors: energy boosters!


Holy Festival of Colors – Praia

“Tosphou Go Live” event. Topshou is the first fashion App in the Mena Region & it is founded by Lebanese Loubna Ibrahim. The App allows you to create a virtual closet, ask your friends about your outfit choices as well as some fashion experts! Can you imagine how much time you will save, and how many problems will you solve when using this App?!


Topshou Go live event – Beirut Digital District.

The app is available for Apple users, it will soon be available on Android.


Topshou Go live event – The funniest giveaways with a Lebanese signature ” Not funded yet”

At the Grand Bazaar

Last month I went to Istanbul & it was a blast! Not just because of the amazing places I visited, but because of the great people I traveled with!

I will share with you in the future posts some of the pictures I took as well as some tips in case you’re planning a trip!

My first stop is at the place where every fashionista won’t mind getting lost: The Grand Bazaar!

The bazar is divided into sections and full of items: jewelry, lanterns & home accessories, scarfs, bags…

Things to know:

– Time: Touring the Grand Bazar should take you half a day, visit as many shops you can before buying so you can see the lowest price you get.

– Bargain: the bazar is a very touristic place & the vendors know that so they tend to give you unrealistic prices once you ask! So bargain on most of the items. But be careful not go too far, some items do really have an elevated cost so don’t try to be greedy as u might hear bad comments from the owners!

– Packing & weight: don’t worry about buying one of those amazing lanterns, they are packed in a travel convenient way & most of them are lighter than you think. Just worry about holding all the things you bought on the way back to the hotel!


Lush moments

Last month I had the pleasure to attend not one but two of the Lush Lebanon collaboration with the bloggers. The event was a great opportunity to know more about the brand as well as the bloggers, while making our fresh face mask!

The first time I was invited by Patricia from “Fashionicia”, who had the initiative to gather a couple of bloggers to get to know them better & have their reviews over the mask (Brilliant idea!). We had a great time talking about blogging & sharing beauty tips, as Patricia is a girl who’s not afraid to let you know exactly what she thinks, and you can see that from her blog to her style!

The second time Linda from “Mademoiselle L” invited me. Linda is my work colleague & personal beauty advisor J You can ask this girl about anything from natural hair care to the perfect shade of red lipstick & she’ll give you the perfect answer! I helped her cooking the mask & had a fun girls time outside the office with our third musketeer Rasha, who helped us too & took all the pictures! This post reflects the good vibes provided by the bloggers & Lush amazing team because those moments reflect the brand’s spirit perfectly. But stay tuned for the next post, to know more about the brand & the Catastrophe mask!


P5P2 P6   L5  L2 L3L6

The Collection by Miss Selfridge

Though Lebanon is getting ready for a storm, last week Miss Selfridge presented “The collection” their capsule collection for Spring 2015. The designs are made for the Dubai World Cup and presented exclusively to the Middle Eastern clientele. The pieces included details and embellishments we are used to see from the brand, as well as pastel colors & sheer fabrics.

You can shop the collection at Beirut City Center and check the brand’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) to know more about their competitions for a chance to win an all expanses paid trip to Dubai for two & free outfits!

Meanwhile check the pictures I took on the launch day. Stay warm & Enjoy 🙂



The sheer top paired with the well structured blazer are perfect for spring nights, both in pastel!


No caption needed for those clutches!!



10 Promotional items & gifts from the launch date

Forever 21 Beirut

On Saturday was the opening of the first Forever 21 store in Lebanon, a much-anticipated event! A private launch along with a fashion show was held a day before by BTL creative team, full of smiles & energy. I’ve never been to any of the store branches abroad and I wasn’t disappointed at all! I was delighted by the variety of styles and low price range; in addition I didn’t expect a big collection for the lingerie & accessories sections! I’m sure that forever 21 will be a new favorite but I also hope that the shop will maintain their price & quality standards especially with the crowded retail scene in Lebanon. Enjoy some of the pictures I snapped during the event & don’t forget to follow me on other social media platforms for more! 2 3 1


Sea of Shoes!


Fashion show with 4 models each wearing different style


Attitudes at the fashion show!


Lebanese bloggers: Lara, Théa & Farah!

9 10


And least but not last: Myself!

Designers Market Opening

Last Thursday was the opening of the Designers Market, a Danish multibrand clothing store. Their slogan is “Understanding women” and they sure do, gathering several brands with different styles under the same roof, with a chic and modern decoration, so you won’t leave disappointed!

I talked to the owner & event organizers and knew that the shop will be hosting new Lebanese Designers every weekend to show their collections, which seems to be a great idea!

I loved the diversity of the collections as well as the event, where u could watch the collection/models and play with Gavin Ford & Olga Haber for a chance to win a 100$ voucher (I regret not playing 😦 )

Brands displayed: Cream, Kaffe, Gestuz, From Lou, Occupied, Syrup and Denim Hunter.

Branches Location: Zouk Highway & Tripoli.




25% off everything for the first 3 days



Beautiful decoration & display!



The lovely Mirna Sayegh wearing a full outfit from the collection. Shoes: AlexanderWang X H&M

Myself - On the right trying a pink coat i fell in love with!

Myself: On the left just posing for the cameras 🙂 On the right trying a pink coat i fell in love with!