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Go bold or go home.

Forget about keeping things low profile while trying to kill the cold, this season fur variation will make you feel fabulous facing the storms.

So unleash your wildness from the forgotten part of your closet and wear your fur anytime & anywhere.

Dare to wear it big & colorful as seen on the catwalks. Dare to wear it in the day time with your favorite jeans to keep it hip!


Potter’s clay: My pick for autumn

Temperature might be dropping down but the Potter’s Clay pantone is here to warm things up!

The color of falling leaves will add refinement to your outfit with its earthy tone and hint of orange & ochre.

Whether layered with other neutrals, color blocked or worn from head to toe, this pantone color is one of my top picks for this season on all fabrics & it’s the perfect substitute for the classic brown.

P.S: I rarely wear brown; I basically hate it…unless it’s about makeup, than you have to wait for upcoming posts 😉








Stella McCartney

Blended shades for 2016

For the first time the Pantone institution has chosen not one but 2 colors for 2016. So say Goodbye to Marsala and welcome Rose Quartz & Serenity this year! The combination of the two shades creates an unusual harmony i can even say romantic! So here’s a some items i gathered to start the new year with inspiring colors.4231

Bag trends to shop this winter


Shopping for a bag might be the easiest thing to do, yet the trickiest. As you have to ask yourself some fundamental questions before heading to the stores.

Question 1: How much am i willing to pay?

Question 2: When will i wear it?

Question 3: What size should i go for?

Question 4: What style fits me more?

Question 5: What’s trending this season?

Hopefully this post will help with the 5th question, as the four others vary according to your personal needs. So here are my top 5 bag trends to shop this fall/winter!

FUR: I can say that this winter fur is the warmest trend to shop & nothing screams winter chic more than holding a fur bag.


SNAKESKIN PATCHWORK: Reptile skin bags are a must have addition for a chic winter wardrobe. Start looking for colored & combined textures for a bag that turn heads!

Python patchwork

FRINGES: The seventies wave is everywhere this season & so are fringes!Fringes

BOX BAGS: After the circular bags last season, this season box bags invaded the runways in all kind of material & sizes!


QUIRKY BAGS: From weird shapes, to modern typography & graphics, this fall don’t hesitate shopping for those bizarre statement bags!


Shiny fall trends

While everyone’s eyes is on Paris fashion week for SS16 let’s keep focused on this season, the season of the bling! Because this fall is all about big jewelry that turns eyes! It is not just about statement necklaces, but about big earrings, chunky bracelets,  beautiful hair clips & even a full pierced face like seen at Givenchy.

I have to admit that I’m very excited about the brooch comeback. This season dare to style your brooches as they can be used as an embellishment to your jackets, knits, scarfs & even hats adding a sophisticated flare to your warm fall looks. Without forgetting that this trend can be pocket friendly, as brooches can be found in so many shops & the best ones might even be found in your grandma’s drawer!




Single Earring


Statement bracelets


Crystal necklaces

Inglot eyeshadow review

Applying eyeshadow is major when doing your makeup. I have learned this when i got Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palettes as a gift. This system allows you to mix & match colors to make your own customized palette, you can also chose the number of colors you want.I fell in love with the matte colors as they were more difficult to find in other brands. Colors are long- lasting, easy to apply & have a smooth texture. 

Their AMC Pure Pigment eyeshadows are also worth trying as they come in incredible colors with very high pigmentation, better used wet. I discovered those at the InShape exhibition, where Inglot international make up artist Aleksandra Byra was doing a make-over for the visitors. 

Inglot Lebanon has only one branch in Hamra.
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Oscars 2015 statement jewelry

We woke up this Monday a little bit more excited as the 87th Academy Awards happened while we where sleeping. Usually the Oscars red carpet gives birth to the most iconic dresses & stars appearance. This year celebrities picked safe choices except for Jennifer Lopez & Emma Stone who dazzled, both in Elie Saab gowns. While most of the looks where kept simple we couldn’t but notice the jewelry that made a big statement this year: unique necklaces, jaw-dropping earrings & multi million rings! I’m a big fan of statement pieces myself, so take a look at some of the best looks that where upgraded with outstanding gems.

090702 03 04 05 06 08

Shades of Valentine

Valentine’s Day started as a memory for Saint Valentine, a roman priest tortured & killed for performing marriage ceremonies at a time where it was forbidden. Through the years the memory shifted to a more commercial holiday for lovers. This year the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is released just in time for Valentine, with yet another perspective for this celebration. So in this post I won’t be talking about cute dresses, teddy bears or the movie*; this Valentine I’m talking about the sensual side of this day, I’m talking about lingerie.

Ladies you should put a higher importance on your choice of lingerie, not just on Valentine and independently of your marital status. Those are the pieces that will boost your confidence from within; make you feel and look sexy waking your “inner goddess”! Because there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a confident woman!
Apart from that there’s a big world of underwear that will change your clothes fitting & lift your mood from bodysuits to bustier, corsets, garter/suspender belts, nightgowns and robes…And like any piece you wear it is important to choose the right size & most of all the best shape and fabrics you’ll feel comfortable in (cotton boxers can also be sexy worn with an attitude, Calvin Klein proved that many times!)

Here are some of my top picks from various brands & budgets. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shades01 Shades2 Shades03 Shades04

5 tips to shop on sale

It’s the sales season and we all get excited about this word. Boys & girls, we run to the shops once they start their discounts and things tend to get a little bit crazy. So here are some tips to help you shop wisely during sales:

– Start by shopping for the things that don’t require fitting, like tops, bags & scarfs. Those are the items that fly off the shelves but the easiest to shop for, with no basic effort or waiting line, just spot & buy!

– Shop for color! At the beginning of the season we buy basic items with basic colors so in the sale season try to buy more fun & colorful items. They will spice up your outfits!

– Shop for accessories, beauty products & home decoration. Those are the items you can live without but life is sweeter with and they might be the biggest deals on sale! Search for the items with 70% discounts, we can always find a place for a new body scrub or a frame! Bath & Body works had great deals this season, and I bought some candles, hand crèmes and sanitizers. I also got some brushes & scrubs from The Body Shop.

– Avoid buying things that you know you’ll never wear just because they are a great deal. We always pass by the pieces with a 20$ sign and think of buying those crazy designs that don’t necessarily flatter our shapes or another basic with just a different color. My advice is DON’T! Those items will end up taking an extra space in your closet, and a waist of your money especially when you tend to buy more than one!

– Be careful when buying shoes. I find buying shoes on sale a little bit tricky. One you can’t find the right size & two you end up buying the wrong size or an uncomfortable cut just because you are mesmerized by the discounts! If you want to shop for shoes on sale, hit the shoe shop directly; don’t get there with swollen feet after walking the entire mall!


The selection i bought from Bath & Body Works for a great discount!


Brushes from The Body Shop. Though not all of them where one sale :/

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