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I usually don’t buy drugstore foundation because I have a very sensitive skin, but I gave this NYX foundation a try. And my shot was on point as this foundation turned out to be super lightweight & has a buildable coverage thanks to the drop formula so it works well for everyday make up if you want light coverage. The only thing I found trouble with is the direct application on the face as things might get messy! NYX recommends using the special total control brush for application:


Welcome autumn with this palette 10 different colors, mixing between mattes and shimmers. The mirror & a double-end sponge applicator are well hidden underneath, you just have to slide the top part. Be careful not to miss it!

As for the shadows quality I have mixed feelings, some colors aren’t as strong as they appear to be, like the purple shade. But others have really nice pigmentation like the goldy orange one (I loveeed this shade).

Final verdict: I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I think you can find better drugstore palette with the same price range, but the colors shade range/combination is a winner!

Products bought from NYX shop – ABC Verdun, Lebanon

Brown or Berry?

One simple question to answer this season: Brown or Berry?

Although i’m not a big fan of brown when it comes to clothing, this fall i’m crushing over this colour in all lipstick shades (Matte terracotta, creamy coffee, deep brown, burnt brown…) giving us a throwback to the 90s. It’s suitable for every skin color & flattering for all lips shapes!


As for the berry shade, we’ve already seen it on different catwalks but this season it would be exciting to try the darker shades of it like plum and purple. Those shades will guarantee a dark romantic touch to every winter look.


Now tell me which of the innovative shades will upgrade your winter makeup, brown or berry?


Lush Catastrophe Mask review

It seems that Lush Catastrophe face mask is an ideal remedy for those catastrophe days where your skin needs a little help! After applying the mask for 10 minutes, i was really surprised when i saw how smooth & light my skin got! Even the blemishes where not as seen as before. Usually i’m very careful of the products i put on my face, especially with my very sensitive skin, but i’m very delighted that Lush products delivered their promises once again & with the most healthy and eco-friendly ways! RANDOM FACTS: – Handmade – Natural – Last for 30 days only – The pot is for 28 000 L.L. – 4-5 usage per pot

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5 tips to shop on sale

It’s the sales season and we all get excited about this word. Boys & girls, we run to the shops once they start their discounts and things tend to get a little bit crazy. So here are some tips to help you shop wisely during sales:

– Start by shopping for the things that don’t require fitting, like tops, bags & scarfs. Those are the items that fly off the shelves but the easiest to shop for, with no basic effort or waiting line, just spot & buy!

– Shop for color! At the beginning of the season we buy basic items with basic colors so in the sale season try to buy more fun & colorful items. They will spice up your outfits!

– Shop for accessories, beauty products & home decoration. Those are the items you can live without but life is sweeter with and they might be the biggest deals on sale! Search for the items with 70% discounts, we can always find a place for a new body scrub or a frame! Bath & Body works had great deals this season, and I bought some candles, hand crèmes and sanitizers. I also got some brushes & scrubs from The Body Shop.

– Avoid buying things that you know you’ll never wear just because they are a great deal. We always pass by the pieces with a 20$ sign and think of buying those crazy designs that don’t necessarily flatter our shapes or another basic with just a different color. My advice is DON’T! Those items will end up taking an extra space in your closet, and a waist of your money especially when you tend to buy more than one!

– Be careful when buying shoes. I find buying shoes on sale a little bit tricky. One you can’t find the right size & two you end up buying the wrong size or an uncomfortable cut just because you are mesmerized by the discounts! If you want to shop for shoes on sale, hit the shoe shop directly; don’t get there with swollen feet after walking the entire mall!


The selection i bought from Bath & Body Works for a great discount!


Brushes from The Body Shop. Though not all of them where one sale :/

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5 tips for a healthy colored hair

As many of you already know, I’ve been dying my hair red for a couple of months now. As much as I’m in love with the red tones, it’s really hard to keep the color from fading. I want a vibrant red hair color without damaging my hair & having to dye it every month! So in this post I’m sharing with you some tips for a healthy colored hair.


1-Choosing the right hair-coloring product. Be careful what product you choose, some dyes will damage your hair; others won’t give you the wanted color, or give you a color that lasts for a glimpse! For my recent hair dye experience I used the “L’Oréal Professionnel – INOA Carmilane reds” hair dye. INOA colors are without ammoniac and gentler on your hair than other hair dyes and they stay longer.

2- Avoid washing your hair. Yes, for a prettier hair you should get a little bit dirty! Washing your hair everyday is the worst thing to do, especially if you have a delicate color, it makes your hair dry & the color will fade quickly. So try keeping your hair an extra day without washing it. If you have a greasy hair (like mine) I highly recommend the use of dry shampoo! I am using “Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo” and it works like magic! It absorbs the oil from your hair & even gives it a little bit of volume for easy styling!


3- Use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for color-treated hair. Go for the sulfate-free ones they are the best! They prolong your color radiance & protect your hair. I am currently using “L’oréal – Série Expert Vitamino Color Delicate Color Shampoo”. For budget-friendly shampoos that help you preserve your hair color try “Treseme – Color Revitalize “& “L’Oréal – Elvive Colour Protect”


4- Hydrate & nourish. Colored hair will need an extra care to eliminate the damages done. Use hair masques one per week to nourish your hair & prolong the color. I am using “L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Masque” one of the best masques out there just try it!


5- Protect. We all know how damaging is coloring & heat to your hair, to protect my hair and keep it radiant I use budget-friendly oil: “Ultra Doux – Huiles Merveilleuses”. A couple of drops on wet hair are enough to give your hair color an extra shine! I have also tried “L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil” ; it is pricier than other products but definitely worth it!


Redhead by choice

Last week I dyed my hair red! It’s not my first time with the red shades. I used to go for a red brown color that turned into light copper after a while. But this time I chose a more vibrant shade. I picked the color myself and was a little bit surprised by the result, as I wasn’t expecting such a strong color! After the first wash, I was more relaxed especially when I saw positive reactions from people around.


I encourage every girl opting for a change to try red hair color especially if she has a pale skin tone like mine. But before you should pay attention to some tricks:

– Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is very important as you can find so many shades of red!

– Red hair color requires the biggest amount of care, as the color tends to fade quicker than other colors.

– You might want to consider a new haircut (my next step). When you die your hair with a bold color, it’s better to have a clean cut with the right length or it will look shabby.

– When you change your hair color you should pay more attention to the color you wear. Some might be more flattering than others.


skin care: foundation

As I said in a previous post, I’m not a make up expert, but when it comes to skin care, now there I have some knowledge! Having a very sensitive skin I’m always searching for good beauty products that won’t make my skin suffer. Products that make you look good without ruining your skin the day after, and foundation covering plays a big part in that process!

On big occasions I often choose the make up Forever High definition foundation for a full coverage and nice color. This foundation covers it all! But for daily light use it is important to choose a light medical foundation that allows your skin to breath. My favorite daily foundation is Avene Couvrance _ Correcteur de teint. This product has a very light oil free texture, with SPF15 protection giving you a fresh feeling. Hiding imperfections and letting your skin breathe blending naturally with it instead of this heavy layer feeling that other products gives you. You can find this light foundation in 5 shades for 30$

My second choice for a medical foundation is La Roche-Posay Tolériane Fond de Teint. If you’re opting for a higher coverage then this foundation is the product to go for. The only problem in this product is that I can’t find the right shade for my skin. It’s whether too light or too dark, no shade in between. A 30 ml tube in 5 shades (25$)

Those 30 ml tubes seem small, but they last for a long time! More skin care post are on the way so stay tuned.






Orange lips trend

I’m so far away from being a beauty junkie but I’m trying to know more on beauty products and the knew make up trends. Now spring is near and I’m quiet excited about trying new lipstick colors especially ORANGE lipstick! This lipstick color made it debuts last season but this spring fashion week we have seen it on so many runaway that I think it will be the new red.

This color is for an edgy sexy girl who isn’t afraid to show off. Give yourself a daring look wearing the pastel colored fabrics with popping orange lips.

Surprisingly the color looks good on every skin color and brands like Mac offer it in different shades. So go ahead and pick the one that flatters you the most!

Have a bright weekend