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Chaos to Harmony

It’s the time when you transform the unexpected chaos into something beautiful!

In this post I’m introducing a new theme on the blog that came up unexpectedly. As I like being behind the cam more than in front of it, every now & then I will be hosting guests for photo-shoot sessions, they will answer style questions boosting your inspiration.

My first guest is P, one of my closest friends. This girl has the most chaotic closet with tones of colors & textures that end up in perfect harmony, making great looks!


Your fashion inspiration: Instagram fashion profiles and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The beauty product you keep on buying: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Mac Cream Colour Base & Radiant Magna Lash mascara! Those are my go to products every time!


Your favorite wardrobe item right now: Definitely the jacket from Topshop I’m wearing in this photo shoot & my dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


What makes or breaks a look: Every item we wear makes a difference starting from the bra! But I think that the hair plays an important role in making or breaking the look, after all “A happy hair day is a happy day!”


Summer or winter fashion? Definitely summer fashion & hot stuff! Winter fashion is just cool… not too cool though!


I usually don’t buy drugstore foundation because I have a very sensitive skin, but I gave this NYX foundation a try. And my shot was on point as this foundation turned out to be super lightweight & has a buildable coverage thanks to the drop formula so it works well for everyday make up if you want light coverage. The only thing I found trouble with is the direct application on the face as things might get messy! NYX recommends using the special total control brush for application:


Welcome autumn with this palette 10 different colors, mixing between mattes and shimmers. The mirror & a double-end sponge applicator are well hidden underneath, you just have to slide the top part. Be careful not to miss it!

As for the shadows quality I have mixed feelings, some colors aren’t as strong as they appear to be, like the purple shade. But others have really nice pigmentation like the goldy orange one (I loveeed this shade).

Final verdict: I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I think you can find better drugstore palette with the same price range, but the colors shade range/combination is a winner!

Products bought from NYX shop – ABC Verdun, Lebanon

All bets on red

Put a bet on red, put a bet on love, put a bet on new chances & put a bet on yourself!

Put a bet on red because it will give glam and power to any look.

Put a bet on red because it will give you strength when you feel like everything is black & white.

Put a bet on yourself because you know more than anyone else what you’re worth.


4 628


Go bold or go home.

Forget about keeping things low profile while trying to kill the cold, this season fur variation will make you feel fabulous facing the storms.

So unleash your wildness from the forgotten part of your closet and wear your fur anytime & anywhere.

Dare to wear it big & colorful as seen on the catwalks. Dare to wear it in the day time with your favorite jeans to keep it hip!


2016: A smile well earned

2016 was the year of surprises, involving unpredictable good & bad events!

I went from redhead to blonde, lost 8 kg, did 1 piercing, visited 4 cities in Italy – my dream country & let go on 2 of my biggest fears. Those are some of the unexpected things that happened last year without being on my “resolutions” list. But the most unexpected thing in 2016 was discovering that I have earned myself a smile on my own, a smile I’m proud of.

I made myself happy & did the things that made me feel good inside, independently from anyone in my life, away from the imaginary perfection that I was trying to reach in previous years & re-done things the way I enjoyed them.

I let go on my urge to plan & have control on everything and just let things happen which made good things more exciting and the bad events less damageable.

2016 didn’t reward me the way I expected to but I can’t say it was bad. It made me realize how much I changed my perspective and how much it allowed me to grow & smile through everything.

So for 2017 don’t stress over making many resolutions, just try to have fun while doing the little things and remember the things that matter the most as the good things will find their way to you without trying hard to reach them.

Be sad but make your sorrows brief.

Laugh more & let people know when you’re happy and remember that happiness isn’t about perfection but about staying true.

Enjoy your Monday even if it meant the start of a busy week.

Enjoy your Saturday night even if it didn’t included a party till dawn.

Enjoy your Sunday road trip even if you get lost along the way.

Finally i want to thank all the people that made me smile till it hurt this year & a bigger thanks to the people who made me smile when it hurt.

Frayed Hem Jeans

Forget about fringes, the frayed hem is the new thing!

This trend have been there since FW 2014 with slightly undone jeans edges but this season this hemming technique took over the streets from the old skinny jeans to the loose-fitting distressed one as well as flared cuts.

Search for this trend in everything denim not just pants; shop for the frayed hem jackets, coats & tops!


Brown or Berry?

One simple question to answer this season: Brown or Berry?

Although i’m not a big fan of brown when it comes to clothing, this fall i’m crushing over this colour in all lipstick shades (Matte terracotta, creamy coffee, deep brown, burnt brown…) giving us a throwback to the 90s. It’s suitable for every skin color & flattering for all lips shapes!


As for the berry shade, we’ve already seen it on different catwalks but this season it would be exciting to try the darker shades of it like plum and purple. Those shades will guarantee a dark romantic touch to every winter look.


Now tell me which of the innovative shades will upgrade your winter makeup, brown or berry?


Potter’s clay: My pick for autumn

Temperature might be dropping down but the Potter’s Clay pantone is here to warm things up!

The color of falling leaves will add refinement to your outfit with its earthy tone and hint of orange & ochre.

Whether layered with other neutrals, color blocked or worn from head to toe, this pantone color is one of my top picks for this season on all fabrics & it’s the perfect substitute for the classic brown.

P.S: I rarely wear brown; I basically hate it…unless it’s about makeup, than you have to wait for upcoming posts 😉








Stella McCartney

Bickfaya Flower Market

Last weekend I passed by Bickfaya to check one of their events that locals became used to “Marché aux fleurs” (Flower Market). For people who don’t know, Bickfaya a town in Metn area, is well known for – beside politics – it’s beautiful nature & yummy peaches!

The flower market is not just a place for people to meet & catch up but also for locals to display their products from flowers, home appliances & accessories, which is needed in a town that’s barely active during the weekdays.

So take a tour on what you’ve missed & have a nice day!

To check all the events & news related to Bickfaya, visit their facebook page:

Featured handmade accessories from SHINE:



Can you resist those little ones?


Dreamy entrance


Handmade necklaces by SHINE


Celebrating flowers in accessories



Oh La La



LOVE Photo Booth



Loved the lemonade/orange station!



Food section & kids 🙂


The main road with Bickfaya famous trees in the background

28 Lessons Learned

Yesterday I turned 28 & I can’t believe I’ll be 30 in 2 years. Although aging in Lebanon is not a really fun task but I feel quite good for growing as I feel better than yesterday & closer to where I want to be.

When forgetting all the pressure that society puts on you, for acting your age, getting married or taking that job, you can see that there is a lot of things to live, experience and learn away from the typical boundaries & that age is not a limit. I wrote this post to celebrate the years that passed by, the people that came in and out of my life & some of the lessons learned.

  • God is bigger than all the highs & lows. Trust him at hard times & thank him for the good ones.
  • Mistakes are OK so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to fall; you’ll stand up stronger.
  • Live with less. Life is like a hike so take off objects & people that bring you down. Keep it simple & lighter. Don’t buy stuff buy experiences instead.
  • Don’t try to be someone else or try to copy everyone else. Each person is unique; each person is amazing in his own way with all the traits & flaws even if they don’t see it. One of the greatest things is making people see the good in themselves.
  • Follow your passion. Find the things that make you feel complete; they are your calling, never let go on them.
  • Take risks. Because sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone to improve.
  • Start loving yourself before loving anyone else. We usually search for someone to love us & to love back, but we end up forgetting to love ourselves.
  • Love is not a fairytale; it’s about hard work. Don’t let go on the person you love because of some troubles or because things are not the way they are written in books. Try harder, communicate, compromise, sacrifice, forgive, show support, do all the things that should be done if you believe in it.
  • Love should grow with you, or it will die with time.
  • For a successful & balanced life, you have to give back. Don’t close yourself off, give from your time, give your ideas, give guidance, give more than you receive, give without expecting to be given in return.
  • Heartbreaks & disappointments get worse with age.
  • Compromise on what you want not what you need.
  • Your time is one of the most valuable things you have. Don’t waste your time; it is a waste of life. Pick well the people you spend your time with, you’re giving them a part of your life.
  • Always give a second chance never third.
  • Don’t judge people based on past experiences. Open a blank page with every person you encounter or you’ll miss the good things.
  • Always trust your instinct, deep inside you know.
  • Space is essential in every relationship. Taking some space from people doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore or that you’re pushing them away, it is just a way to be closer to yourself. Taking some time alone might be the most revealing experience.
  • People love differently & they express their love differently. Some will pamper you, but others will push you away. Don’t judge them over that; try to understand their signs instead.
  • Never hurt people, especially the close ones. Be careful on your words & actions, some things are irreversible.
  • Show people that you care. Don’t assume that people already know that, remind them that you care every now & then. Might be with a gift, a phone call or a simple hug.
  • Family comes first. They are the ones that were here when you were born & the ones that will stay next to you until you die. Spend more time with them & make them happy.
  • Speak out loud. We live in a crowded world, to be seen you have to speak out loud & clear. And be smart because sometimes silence is louder than words.
  • Limit the sharing. Over sharing might confuse you, people don’t always have the right advises. Some might try to help but in fact they’ll only make things worse.
  • You learn at yoga classes the importance of a breath so take those deep long breathes & relax!
  • Embrace & understand your fears or they will make you vulnerable. Try to overcome them; it will definitely make you stronger. If you can’t overcome them, accept them, no one is perfect.
  • Treat your body & mind right. Eat healthy, sleep well, move often & learn something new every day. A healthy being is a source of good energy & you can’t do well to the world if you’re not feeling good.
  • Get lost in nature & enjoy the outdoors. Nature is the best therapy. Sea or mountain person, you’ll always find yourself in it.
  • If you want it, do it yourself but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t depend on anyone for doing your own work. No one will do the things you should do for yourself instead of you, no one will do them the way you want to. But a lot of people care enough to help so don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.