Quarantine: Things to remember

We can all agree that quarantine is becoming harder by the day. Therefore, here are some things to remember while stuck at home that will help make this experience easier on you & your surroundings:

You don’t have to be available 24/7. You don’t have to answer your phone all the time or be connected. Limit your online time, have a digital detox every now & then.

Don’t let go on your healthy habits or New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure some of you have been working hard to “start” somewhere. Might be a new diet, new business or just a workout. Don’t forget those things, it was hard enough to start, don’t drop them, those are the things that will keep you motivated.

3Don’t bring toxic people back. This might be the hardest time emotionally, but stay strong & don’t give up on yourself. Don’t invite toxic people & behaviors back to your life. They haven’t done anything good in normal times, and they won’t do now. You can make it on your own!

Don’t waste your time. Forget the activities you can’t do & discover new ones. It is the time to stop procrastinating & start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do! Re-organize, re-decorate, backup your files & pictures. Read, write, draw, cook, even if you do them badly, just experiment & enjoy new things. Plan ahead, learn new skills, take care of your physical & mental health.

5Don’t ignore your personal time. This one is especially for people working from home as working remotely doesn’t mean working on weekends and days off! Stick to your weekdays working hours & routine but relax and reward yourself when all the work is done. This is not a productivity contest, this situation is overwhelming mentally & physically, you need to relax and take some time off now more than ever.

Don’t go fully introvert. This might be harder if you live alone. Don’t over do solo activities (like binge watching on Netflix).  Stay connected to YOUR people. Use social media platforms that you are most comfortable with to express yourself, check on others & belong to a community outside your house.

Remember, this is temporary and soon enough we will go back to our old lives. And as much as adapting to this lockdown has been challenging, don’t be hard on yourself, just work on surviving one day at a time.

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