Embrace the adversity

Trajectories deviate no matter the amount of planning invested.

Flash forward 2020, snowballing disasters from wildfires, escalating military tensions, to the horseman of the apocalypse bursting out on the scene, code name COVID 19, crashing resolutions, morals and economies in ways unforeseen.

No one would’ve thought they would take part in a worldwide stay at home until further notice marathon in an effort to keep the reaper and his insatiable hunger at bay.

However despite the whole rant about how this year is potentially worse than the epilogue of game of thrones, and social engagements are either memes or video calls on phones, within the fortress of solitude, it feels as if the sands of time have shifted into the slower gears, life toning down, ditching the routinely hectic and mad for the harmonious and serene.MN4Time, your precious asset is on your side. Use it wisely and generate your own momentum regardless of the situation’s ultimatum. Disconnect from the outside and reconnect from within, take a trip down memory lane, re-explore those forgotten ideas and dreams, reignite your passion, create that piece of art, learn new skills to develop additional income streams.

Bridge the gap from where you are to where you need to be, plant the seeds of your personal growth, instead of binging series back and forth. Be proactive and hustle, for mind and for body build muscle.

You might have been dealt a bad hand, but keep your head in the game not on the scoreboard, capitalize on the opportunity and ignore the propaganda of hostility and the broadcast of panic & fear.MN3Embrace the adversity and at the end of the day 2020 might still be your year.

Guest Writer: Anonymous A

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