How to lose a friend in 10 ways

Most of us watched “How to lose a guy in 10 days” & we could also relate to many scenes that cracked us up but have you ever thought of 10 ways on how to lose a friend?

Friendships can be ruined through time & actions therefore they shouldn’t be taken for granted. So if you’re doing any of the steps below, put things back on track & appreciate your friends more because some of them are irreplacable.

1- Never return borrowed things: Friends borrow stuff from each other so if you want to punch that friendship in the face just don’t return the borrowed & you’ll see how things will change!

2- Forget about special days: Friends are expected to show up on your special days & events, send greetings or condolences. Don’t show up on those days or ignore them & you can forget about friendship!

3- Silent mode ON: That’s one of the easiest step. Just stop any kind of communication with them, no messages, no calls, no social media interaction, minimal words & short replies. Keep everything minimal with a “whatever” attitude.

4- Flirt with their partners: This is a low move to do but hitting on your friend’s partner will definitely take you out of the friend zone with an additional smack in the face.

5- Don’t watch your language: Talk shit about them, say rude words, give them bad nicknames, bring out their flaws. And once you feel they are annoyed, don’t stop…keep going to reach something close to emotional harassment.

6- Make outings feel like hell: Outings with friends are supposed to be fun & relaxing. If you want to ruin your friendship with someone force them into unbearable plans, places they don’t want to go to, people they don’t want to see, uncomfortable timings…

7- Be Self-centered: Everything must be about you, your interests, your needs, just yourself! Don’t take into consideration your friends concerns & you can even turn everything related to them about you just like Madonna did at Michael Jackson’s tribute in 2009.

8- Lie to them: Lying is BAD not just between friends, but friendships are based on trust & honesty so you can’t really call someone a friend when you don’t trust him.

9- Less feelings more bullshit: Do they look sad, uncomfortable, angry or quieter these days?? So what! Just ignore it & focus on silly superficial topics instead of asking about emotional stuff.

10- Throw them under the bus: Don’t show support, defend them or stand by their side. Don’t help them in any way, always choose someone’s else side.


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