What kills love?

They say time kills love, but that’s the biggest lie ever. Time does not kill love, time makes love stronger & at worst times it changes it to affection, fondness, warmth or similar feelings.

What really kills love is deception.


The deception when a lover moves his hand away. The deception when a family member lies to you. The deception when a friend doesn’t have your back.

Deception is not always big & loud; sometimes it’s small & profound. It’s a silent weapon that hurts deeply with every shot until it kills.


Deception makes you see people differently, it takes out their good features one by one until you start hating them for letting you down so many times.

But deception can be healed, heal it with a simple “sorry”, heal it with just a kiss, or heal it with a big hug that takes away the ache.

Heal it directly, don’t let it kill the love.


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