Stylish road trips

My love for road trips is not to be hidden from anyone, after all I am the nomad. Those small trips are a great stress relief, a way to feel free & discover your own country when you can’t travel.


And as much as I love road trips, I love style too. I usually try to find an outfit that can ensure elegance & comfort, so here’s a couple of points to check while dressing:

  • Time: You will be spending so much time away from home, so you would better choose something that fits well & won’t annoy you with time. Jeans and leggings are safe choices. Wide leg pants, midi skirts & long dresses are also good options.


  • Weather: The solution to cover all weather conditions & add style is: LAYERING!  T-shirts, cross body, statement outer wear, those are practical & stylish elements.


  • Activity: You’re probably going to walk, so forget about heels & choose your cool functional sneakers instead. Luckily sneakers have been the trendiest lately so we have a wide choice of stylish ones!

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize: Cross bags, back packs, hats, scarves & sunglasses.


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