The cheesy 2018 resolution

Mode-Nomade-00A new year resolution: nothing as cheesy as that but it’s still a must. So, if you had to make one, i have one advice for 2018 “Don’t wait anymore!”. Time is the most valuable currency and the only thing you’ll regret wasting.

Don’t wait for people. Don’t wait for them until they are ready or until they want to be part of your life. Be around the ones who are present for you NOW & not the temporary ones.

Don’t wait for an apology, a phone call, or some words.

Don’t wait for that single shot or that magical moment.

Don’t wait for approvals, take the risks under your own terms.

Don’t wait for a break or a weekend, no one succeeded while sitting in their comfort zone.

Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you, create them instead.

Don’t wait for just another day, sometimes you might not get tomorrow.

Don’t wait for the things that will make you happy or to create memories. Enjoy what you have & make it worth remembering.

Don’t wait for second thoughts. Your first intuition/impression is enough, act upon it.

Don’t wait for a new year to make new resolution. Make them day by day or month by month. Set goals & targets. Consider yourself as a working company or an unfinished business & try to get the best results out of it. Write them down and cross one point after another.

Make every year count, make every year an achievement, Happy New Year 2018!

A girl who stopped waiting.


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