Red in Louvre

What to wear to a museum? Well nothing comes up to mind but COMFORT! And comfort doesn’t mean lame or plain. For my visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi that you can check here I picked the comfiest boyfriend jeans I have, paired it with a red tube top & light jacket. So here are some points to take into consideration when you want to dress comfy but chic.


1- Shape/fit of your outfit. Don’t wear anything too tight or too short. Pick the items that fit well & allow you to move freely.


2- Fabric. I’m not sure if this point have to be checked before or after the outfit fit, but personally the fabric quality & choice are very important to me. I’m allergic to some fabrics so I never compromise with this point or I’ll become grumpy & itchy! :p


3- Colour: To add some flavor to a comfy outfit I chose my favorite color combination for this season: Red & denim. All denim shades are perfect with red, and much better than the traditional black & red combo that I’m not a big fan of.


4- Accessories: They are the X factor. From the shoes, bag, or jewelry everything counts and remember that sometimes the less is more!



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