2016: A smile well earned

2016 was the year of surprises, involving unpredictable good & bad events!

I went from redhead to blonde, lost 8 kg, did 1 piercing, visited 4 cities in Italy – my dream country & let go on 2 of my biggest fears. Those are some of the unexpected things that happened last year without being on my “resolutions” list. But the most unexpected thing in 2016 was discovering that I have earned myself a smile on my own, a smile I’m proud of.

I made myself happy & did the things that made me feel good inside, independently from anyone in my life, away from the imaginary perfection that I was trying to reach in previous years & re-done things the way I enjoyed them.

I let go on my urge to plan & have control on everything and just let things happen which made good things more exciting and the bad events less damageable.

2016 didn’t reward me the way I expected to but I can’t say it was bad. It made me realize how much I changed my perspective and how much it allowed me to grow & smile through everything.

So for 2017 don’t stress over making many resolutions, just try to have fun while doing the little things and remember the things that matter the most as the good things will find their way to you without trying hard to reach them.

Be sad but make your sorrows brief.

Laugh more & let people know when you’re happy and remember that happiness isn’t about perfection but about staying true.

Enjoy your Monday even if it meant the start of a busy week.

Enjoy your Saturday night even if it didn’t included a party till dawn.

Enjoy your Sunday road trip even if you get lost along the way.

Finally i want to thank all the people that made me smile till it hurt this year & a bigger thanks to the people who made me smile when it hurt.


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