After the holidays: The survival kit!

It’s almost a week after the holidays are over & people started to lose that positive spirit they had during the joyful season. That’s why i made a small list to keep those happy vibes last longer & push stress away.


Souk El Akel – Jbeil

1- Remember. Remember all the love you shared on Christmas with your family & friends. Remember all the things they gave you out of love. Remember that their love & support will be there all the time, whenever you need it, not just during the holidays.


2- Give back. There’s such a joy in giving back & it doesn’t have to be limited to the holidays. Choose something your passionate about & a way to share what you have with others. You can help children old people or animal shelters. You can give money, food or art lessons. It doesn’t matter how big or small your deeds are as long as they last all year long.


Christmas in Action – Trainstation

3-Keep your resolutions. We all know that new years resolutions are a one night stand resolutions! But i think that if you want to keep the positive holiday spirit with you than you should keep your resolutions alive. Start living by them from the first day of the year, don’t postpone anything, keep chasing your goals, keep them written on your walls if you had to! Resolutions are a light of hope & never ever lose that!


The Village

4- Avoid. The thing about the holiday season is that we work on avoiding negative vibes & enjoy positive feelings, so i bet you can keep your negativity shield on for after the holidays! Avoid drama, avoid negativity, avoid people who make you feel bad, avoid places that make you feel uncomfortable, avoid food & habits that make you feel sick.


Aain Aar

5- Take care of yourself. This is the only tip that you should be doing in contrary to what you where doing during the holidays. We all know about the food, the wine & the extra sleeping hours, therefore the most important tip to survive after the holidays is to take good care of yourself. To stay positive & keep moving, you should stay healthy, physically & mentally. Don’t neglect yourself or make compromises over your health. Find your own way to keep your body & mind at it’s best state!


Cinnamon & Red fruits cupcake – Magnolia Bakery ❤


Christmas in  Action – Trainstation



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