At the Grand Bazaar

Last month I went to Istanbul & it was a blast! Not just because of the amazing places I visited, but because of the great people I traveled with!

I will share with you in the future posts some of the pictures I took as well as some tips in case you’re planning a trip!

My first stop is at the place where every fashionista won’t mind getting lost: The Grand Bazaar!

The bazar is divided into sections and full of items: jewelry, lanterns & home accessories, scarfs, bags…

Things to know:

– Time: Touring the Grand Bazar should take you half a day, visit as many shops you can before buying so you can see the lowest price you get.

– Bargain: the bazar is a very touristic place & the vendors know that so they tend to give you unrealistic prices once you ask! So bargain on most of the items. But be careful not go too far, some items do really have an elevated cost so don’t try to be greedy as u might hear bad comments from the owners!

– Packing & weight: don’t worry about buying one of those amazing lanterns, they are packed in a travel convenient way & most of them are lighter than you think. Just worry about holding all the things you bought on the way back to the hotel!



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