Shades of Valentine

Valentine’s Day started as a memory for Saint Valentine, a roman priest tortured & killed for performing marriage ceremonies at a time where it was forbidden. Through the years the memory shifted to a more commercial holiday for lovers. This year the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is released just in time for Valentine, with yet another perspective for this celebration. So in this post I won’t be talking about cute dresses, teddy bears or the movie*; this Valentine I’m talking about the sensual side of this day, I’m talking about lingerie.

Ladies you should put a higher importance on your choice of lingerie, not just on Valentine and independently of your marital status. Those are the pieces that will boost your confidence from within; make you feel and look sexy waking your “inner goddess”! Because there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a confident woman!
Apart from that there’s a big world of underwear that will change your clothes fitting & lift your mood from bodysuits to bustier, corsets, garter/suspender belts, nightgowns and robes…And like any piece you wear it is important to choose the right size & most of all the best shape and fabrics you’ll feel comfortable in (cotton boxers can also be sexy worn with an attitude, Calvin Klein proved that many times!)

Here are some of my top picks from various brands & budgets. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shades01 Shades2 Shades03 Shades04

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