5 tips to shop on sale

It’s the sales season and we all get excited about this word. Boys & girls, we run to the shops once they start their discounts and things tend to get a little bit crazy. So here are some tips to help you shop wisely during sales:

– Start by shopping for the things that don’t require fitting, like tops, bags & scarfs. Those are the items that fly off the shelves but the easiest to shop for, with no basic effort or waiting line, just spot & buy!

– Shop for color! At the beginning of the season we buy basic items with basic colors so in the sale season try to buy more fun & colorful items. They will spice up your outfits!

– Shop for accessories, beauty products & home decoration. Those are the items you can live without but life is sweeter with and they might be the biggest deals on sale! Search for the items with 70% discounts, we can always find a place for a new body scrub or a frame! Bath & Body works had great deals this season, and I bought some candles, hand crèmes and sanitizers. I also got some brushes & scrubs from The Body Shop.

– Avoid buying things that you know you’ll never wear just because they are a great deal. We always pass by the pieces with a 20$ sign and think of buying those crazy designs that don’t necessarily flatter our shapes or another basic with just a different color. My advice is DON’T! Those items will end up taking an extra space in your closet, and a waist of your money especially when you tend to buy more than one!

– Be careful when buying shoes. I find buying shoes on sale a little bit tricky. One you can’t find the right size & two you end up buying the wrong size or an uncomfortable cut just because you are mesmerized by the discounts! If you want to shop for shoes on sale, hit the shoe shop directly; don’t get there with swollen feet after walking the entire mall!


The selection i bought from Bath & Body Works for a great discount!


Brushes from The Body Shop. Though not all of them where one sale :/

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