First year anniversary recap

This week is my blog’s first year anniversary “Yayyy!” I can’t believe that a year already passed since I had this December resolution of finally having my own blog, after years of reading international and local blogs. I have to admit, my start was slow & unplanned. I jumped to the blogging world having no idea about my blog’s name, theme or content. I just knew I had to start doing this, expressing my ideas, following creativity & inspirations, to escape routine & negative vibes. I starting blogging anonymously, just a few very close people knew about it!

Finding the right name for the blog was the real start. I wanted a name that expresses style & inspiration, fanciness & freedom in a different way. With a good name on my header I was ready to go more viral on every social media platform! (Speaking of, don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’ for daily updates J)

The last couple of months hold major changes for the blog, I started my personal style photo-shoot sessions while trying to have more regular posts (as challenging as it is), attending events and meeting up with new interesting people especially other bloggers <3. Meetings and activities that gave me much more determination & passion to work harder on the blog, that’s no longer just a one month resolution but a lifetime project!

Finally I want to thank everyone who sincerely supported me & believed in my skills (especially my boyfriend/photographer). And dear readers always follow your passions and inspirations, as they are the things that make you a better & productive person! And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog as new ideas & collaborations are on their ways!

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