Redhead by choice

Last week I dyed my hair red! It’s not my first time with the red shades. I used to go for a red brown color that turned into light copper after a while. But this time I chose a more vibrant shade. I picked the color myself and was a little bit surprised by the result, as I wasn’t expecting such a strong color! After the first wash, I was more relaxed especially when I saw positive reactions from people around.


I encourage every girl opting for a change to try red hair color especially if she has a pale skin tone like mine. But before you should pay attention to some tricks:

– Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is very important as you can find so many shades of red!

– Red hair color requires the biggest amount of care, as the color tends to fade quicker than other colors.

– You might want to consider a new haircut (my next step). When you die your hair with a bold color, it’s better to have a clean cut with the right length or it will look shabby.

– When you change your hair color you should pay more attention to the color you wear. Some might be more flattering than others.


2 thoughts on “Redhead by choice

  1. LOVE!!!! My hair is not as red as yours though, since the dye I used isn’t a permanent one (and I didn’t bleach it or anything). But if I do love the look a lot I’m thinking of making a proper commitment 😛


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