September dream

I loved vintage before knowing what the word vintage meant, and i wanted to write this article as soon as I stepped into “Madame Rêve” showroom. I entered the building not knowing what to expect. But when I saw the impressive circular showroom with high mirrored ceiling and the black mannequin torso displayed, I knew I found a treasure!

The Showroom

The Showroom

“Madame Rêve” was founded in 2004 by designers Lina Chamma and Hala Mzannar, introducing the vintage concept to the Lebanese market. Their designs are unique as they merge between the old and the new. Collecting authentic vintage pieces from around the world and adding them to their pieces, making them part of a dream.


I wanted to stay hours in the showroom! And I’m displaying just some of the pictures I took because every girl should personally visit the place; discover the collection one item at a time, living the dream of going back in time. And you can always visit their website

One of the designers favorite piece

One of the designers favorite piece


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