Escape the clutter

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by all the things happening around you? Are you feeling confused about the decisions to make? If the answer is positive then don’t panic, it’s pretty normal and it just means you should take a moment and ORGANIZE! Personally, I am a very organized person but sometimes I find myself in complete clutter where it becomes very hard to get things done. So I have small tips to orient your organizational skills and put you on the right track.

– Set your goal, one goal at a time. Know what you want and define it well. Whether it’s a personal matter or a business task, you should clearly know what is your goal from the start and have a clear view of it to avoid confusion or ending up on a very different track.
What are your goals?
– Put a time limit. This point is very important and few of us consider it! You absolutely should put yourself a time limit or a deadline. Setting a goal with no time limit is just day dreaming. Having a date will make you work more and not just postpone things you want to do.
Time- 1844674
– Write everything down. As dull as it seems but writing everything down and always seeing your goals in front of your eyes will play a big role in the declutter process. You can use stick notes or a big board with a calendar in your room & keep your eyes set on the goal!
– Get the right tools. It is essential to arm yourself with the right tools! Purchase items that will help you organize and declutter, start from your own house and move to your desk then forward. You can’t achieve anything if you are in crowded unorganized places. Put your things in specific boxes, place tags, and make everything look nice, appealing and inspirational. Plus finding your things quickly will save you a lot of time!
$_35 eclectic-kids
– Ask for help. You must know that it is ok to ask for help. No one is a super “know it all” person. Asking people you trust or qualified professionals will absolutely help you. Whether in home declutter, personal advice, business orientation or other goals you can benefit from others experiences to get a clear organized view and achieve the things you want to get done!
Buried in Paperwork with Surrender Flat
Hope those tips will help you when you feel you’re wasting your time and not being able to complete your task. Feel free to add your ideas!

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