skin care: foundation

As I said in a previous post, I’m not a make up expert, but when it comes to skin care, now there I have some knowledge! Having a very sensitive skin I’m always searching for good beauty products that won’t make my skin suffer. Products that make you look good without ruining your skin the day after, and foundation covering plays a big part in that process!

On big occasions I often choose the make up Forever High definition foundation for a full coverage and nice color. This foundation covers it all! But for daily light use it is important to choose a light medical foundation that allows your skin to breath. My favorite daily foundation is Avene Couvrance _ Correcteur de teint. This product has a very light oil free texture, with SPF15 protection giving you a fresh feeling. Hiding imperfections and letting your skin breathe blending naturally with it instead of this heavy layer feeling that other products gives you. You can find this light foundation in 5 shades for 30$

My second choice for a medical foundation is La Roche-Posay Tolériane Fond de Teint. If you’re opting for a higher coverage then this foundation is the product to go for. The only problem in this product is that I can’t find the right shade for my skin. It’s whether too light or too dark, no shade in between. A 30 ml tube in 5 shades (25$)

Those 30 ml tubes seem small, but they last for a long time! More skin care post are on the way so stay tuned.






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