Beirut Designer’s Week

Events like Beirut designer’s Week are a must to Lebanese society and designers as well. Our upcoming design talents need more support and coverage to access a bigger audience. As well out society needs to see more art and design; beautiful things are a therapy to the soul.

Some familiar names with unique talents where exhibiting like Nadine Zeeni, Aura headpieces, Lina brax the brand, Nicoletta Parodi, Pink aubergine & Oui.We got also introduced to new designers especially in the interior and accessories design field that we didn’t knew about but they showed a lot of uniqueness and creativity.

Though I have some notes taken:

–  I don’t think that bought online accessories belong to Beirut Designer’s Week. It’s disrespectful to the talented designers working so hard on their designs.

– Designers and exhibitors especially new ones should have their business cards ready, or else people will forget about them as soon as they hit the parking

– I know that renting a space at Zaytouna Bay is not cheap but it’s a designer’s week so a nicely decorated and organized stand is appreciated!

–  This year the exhibition was held next to the restaurants, unlike last year when it was on the upper side, facing the road. It was a nice move allowing more interaction between people and exhibitors. The space was bigger and it was more fluent to go from a stand to another.

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