Met Gala 2014

I couldn’t let all the glam of the Met Gala event pass by unnoticed. The theme of this year was ” White suit and diamonds”. Many stars excelled with their choices that followed the theme each in their own style, from Sarah Jessika Parker to Amber Heard. Others chooses to rebel like Lupita Nyongo who took a big risk in her green Prada dress. I actually liked the dress, it was fun different and suited her. Though i wouldn’t go with this bulky headpiece with such a light dress. Image Image Image As for the golden couples they where all lovely. I wasn’t sure who i like more David&Victoria or Orlando&Amber but i guess David Beckham wins every time (but i didn’t understand why he was wearing the same outfit as Jay Z) Image And now to the Worst Dressed section, well…they where many this year! but i was really disappointed by Solange Knowles & Rita Ora choices, i mean those girls are fashion icons! Some tried too much others didn’t try at all (Yeah i am talking about Michelle Williams in a Louis Vuitton short dress). But the complete disaster was Maggie Gyllenhaal in Valentino…i’m speechless! Image

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