Trends Gone Blind!

Beirut is with no doubt one of the best fashion capitals in the world! Joining designers and people with different styles and sense of fashion. Different personalities expressed in the most classic and crazy ways. Go out for a drink at any of Beirut bars and you’ll definitely understand the Lebanese street style fashion scene. You’ll see girls in sky-high Loubis & others rocking outrageous sneakers!

That’s the Lebanese freedom of expression and our street art BUT some of those girls are just going too far with their fashionista diva look! It really pisses me off seeing those deadly fashion mistakes Lebanese girls do. Following trends is cool but it doesn’t mean u have to wear them the way everyone does or wearing them from head to toe or even wearing them when they don’t compliment your body or style!

I really get excited about new trends from the runaway then a couple of months I started seeing them on every single girl (styled in good & bad ways) like wedge sneakers, ombrée hair, neon colors, mirrored sunglasses…

So girls, trends are set by fashion people as a guide to serve you. You can play & experiment to achieve a unique look not a circus déjà vu!

P.S I’ll try to post pictures from Lebanese street style faux pas, fashion mistakes & trends taken to the edge! 🙂



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