Selfie Night






We are all aware of the #selfie trend taking all over our picture albums after the infamous shot at the Oscars. But I started a trend of my own a while ago and it’s called a “selfie night”

I truly think that each and every one of us, ladies and gentlemen should have a “selfie night” every now and then no matter how busy you get.

Take one night a week, or every two weeks, just for yourself. A moment where u practice a hobby or just take a bath and lay down watching some DVDs, reading a book and pampering yourself in a relaxing mood.

For my “selfie nights” I like to be surrounded by beautiful smells (candles, perfume, body lotions or beauty products…), beautiful images (books, magazines, DVDs…), and tasty food.

Keep the things you like near, they will make you feel good.

Enjoy being selfie!

Appearing in the pictures: ELLE Oriental magazine, Victoria’s secret perfume, Aldo flower earrings, Maybelline Rocket mascara, vintage jewelry box with blue velvet interior bought from a local store.


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