Sneakers Couture

After the classic Converse came Isabel Marrant Hidden Wedge Sneakers making a fashion statement and giving us the extra inches of heels combined with the comfort of sneakers.

The comfort trend seemed to bloom ever since then with super models like Cara Delevingne and stars like Rihanna adopting the laid back look without sacrificing their sense of style. So we couldn’t but notice how Summer 2013 was full of stylish comfy creations from A-list brands spotted on every fashionista feet, from Chanel leather espadrille & Camellia flower sneakers to the Nike air max 1 liquid metal collection.

And after hitting the streets, the sneakers trend is now taking over the runaways in the SS14 couture shows. A complete new way to see couture with modern yet sophisticated looks, embellished silk and tulle sneakers full of femininity lightness and a breath of spring, a reinvention of a sporty look.

There’s nothing more perfect than a comfy bride dancing ditching her killer heels for those elegant Chanel sneakers, Bravo Karl!




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