New & Radiant

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new start for everyone, a new chance for change. For me I’ll be working on the blog this year (it’s an old personal project but now seems the right time for it).

It’s a new year and a new color. Last year’s color was Emerald Green but for 2014 let’s welcome Radiant Orchid! Named by the Pantone Color Institute, this color is between pink and purple, a fusion between warm and cold. Most of us aren’t so familiar with this hue, I couldn’t find a single orchid piece in my winter wardrobe and I sure many of you won’t, so here’s some of the pieces I picked to help you integrate this color in your everyday life. As well I will name Kelly Osbourne the queen of Radiant Orchid for her unique hair!

Random Tips:

– If you have a bold style opt for a head to toe radiant orchid/purple outfit but remember to keep it simple and clean.

– If your not sure about this color then add it in small doses: lipstick, hair accessories, bags and shoes…

– Update your home by adding some orchid cushions or other decorative items to your decor




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