Louvre Abu Dhabi Tour


If you’re following me on Instagram than you probably know that I was in Dubai 2 weeks ago. And I was so happy I could go to Abu Dhabi for a day & visit the newly opened Louvre museum!


The museum architecture itself is a masterpiece, consisting of 55 white buildings topped by a giant dome & surrounded by water. Inspired by the Emirates palm trees, the dome slips light inside in a random and dreamy way “Rain of Light”.



The art pieces are displayed in chronological order, so the visitor move forward in time from one room to another. Intended to reveal a communication between different cultures throughout the ages, you get to see Chinese Warring States period next to the Greek and several religious symbols side by side.

“See humanity in a new light”



Interesting Facts: 

The design: Award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel. He sees the museum as “a metaphor for an Arab town and its anchoring. This museum belongs to the sea. It belongs to the desert.”

The dome: weighs 7,500 tonnes (200 tonnes more than the iron structure of the Eiffel Tower) 180m wide.

The inside: 55 buildings, 23 galleries and12 ‘sequences’, a children’s Museum, a 200-seater-auditorium, a restaurant, a café and a retail space.

The artwork:

  • Leonardo da Vinci, La Belle Ferronnière, 1490.
  • Vincent Van Gogh, Self-portrait, 18873
  • Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps, 18035
  • Paul Cézanne, The Red Rock 1895
  • Edouard Manet, The Gipsy
  • Claude Monet, La gare Saint-Lazare, 1877
  • Funeral set of princess Henuttawy, Egypt, 2nd half of 10th century BCE, beginning of the 22th dynasty15
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi,” the world’s most expensive painting ($450.3 million) is headed to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and it is estimated to become the museum’s major attraction.

Other pieces:


Ramesses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. 1279-1213 BCE



Shiva Dancing, Asia, 2nd half of 10th century AD


Apollo Belvedere, on loan from the Château de Fontainebleau


Tapestry of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar Southern Netherlands. 1520.


Ai Weiwei, The Fountain of Light, 2007.

Experimenting outfits

Never tried painting, so I create outfits instead. Styling is another form of art I enjoy: breaking patterns, mixing colors & adding a final accessories touch! It often leads to a piece of art, and every time the result comes up different, as it’s basically mood oriented.


This outfit was picked randomly for a Sunday lunch. I built it around this gorgeous top I felt like I HAD to wear that day!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2

Broke the top femininity with structured “work” pants I would never wear on weekends. Not the usual combination but the colors combined really well with that autumn mood creating an edgy look.mode-nomade-fashion-blog-7mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8

Even if it’s important to follow new trends, don’t let yourself get caught by them to end up looking like everyone else. Try experimenting with your outfits instead, mix the old and the new & dress for your personality!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3

A crush for the city

I’ve been through a love/hate relationship for Beirut. As I lived most of my life in the mountains, they have always been the closest to my heart.


But growing up, especially during my college years, I have grown love for the city as I lived there for a couple of years.

A love I never expected to have for the crowded streets & the things I used to hate became a different kind of inspiration.


The part I don’t like is still there, but I’ve found ways to enjoy my fondness to Beirut:

Walk through it: With the traffic of the city, the only way to enjoy it is to park your car somewhere & walk. Capture new things & discover the small details!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_221f copy

Schedule it: Beirut has a lot of mood lifting & inspirational activities to offer. Things to be experimented differently from day to night. So try to alternate timing / activities as much as possible to keep that love!


A simple morning walk, a tasty cup of coffee while finishing some tasks, late lunch with your friends or drinks with your co-workers. A whole range of activities through day & night to fit everyone, without forgetting that everything can be done in the same area. So can you help not falling in love with Beirut?

Top & Jeans: Zara – Bag: Mango – Sandals: Charles & keith – Choker: Forever 21

Tanya Heath In Beirut

mode-nomade-fashion-blog-1Yesterday was the opening of the first Tanya Heath shop in Lebanon & the Middle East. The footwear designer was present to explain everything about the revolutionary shoes brand with interchangeable heels.

mode-nomade-fashion-blog-2mode-nomade-fashion-blog-3So you can now forget about the heels pain & about taking your “shame” ballerina bag everywhere with you, because with Tanya Heath you can switch heels with just one click. And what surprised me more is how light the heels are, even the chunky ones!mode-nomade-fashion-blog-4mode-nomade-fashion-blog-5mode-nomade-fashion-blog-8


Cynthia Esber (in red) & Tanya Heath (in Black) with Roudi Rahme and Maya Acra


Welcoming Tanya Heath “á la Libanaise” with a Selfie!

Event organized by Cynthia Esber & “Luxury Limited Edition”

Location: Ghandour El Saad Street, Ashrafieh

Shoes price range: 350 – 600$

Heels price range: 39 – 80$

Congested thoughts

I’m an over thinker and my close friends know that really well! I can think of a million scenarios in a moment and about a situation over & over again! It’s not healthy or nice, I’m trying to slow it down a bit, but having almost 2 hours daily to spend alone in the car isn’t helping. Therefore, as I’m using this blog as a therapy for my thoughts (i even have a full category for that!), I’m sharing with you some questions I think about while stuck in Beirut’s traffic.

Keeping quiet or speaking? Would you scream even if you know that your voice won’t be heard? Would you speak when you know you won’t be understood? Would you speak when you know that the people you’re talking to aren’t worth your words?

Love or ego? If you had to choose between love or ego, what would you choose? Would you sacrifice an eternity of serenity for a moment of pride?

Forgiveness or revenge? If hurt, would you be choosing to forgive & forget or to seek revenge? Will your mind win over your emotions? Will you let yourself dwell in anger or fly with peace?

Tough truth or fake hope? Will you hold on to a fake hope to survive? Or will you keep reminding yourself with the ugly truth, let it kill you & come up stronger?

The world or one person? If you had to choose between the world or one person that means the world to you who would you choose? Would you sacrifice everything for one? Now who is the person that first came up to your mind 😉

I would love to know what would you choose & what you are thinking about so feel free to leave a reply in the comments box or send me an email on modenomade@outlook.com

Chaos to Harmony

It’s the time when you transform the unexpected chaos into something beautiful!

In this post I’m introducing a new theme on the blog that came up unexpectedly. As I like being behind the cam more than in front of it, every now & then I will be hosting guests for photo-shoot sessions, they will answer style questions boosting your inspiration.

My first guest is P, one of my closest friends. This girl has the most chaotic closet with tones of colors & textures that end up in perfect harmony, making great looks!


Your fashion inspiration: Instagram fashion profiles and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The beauty product you keep on buying: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Mac Cream Colour Base & Radiant Magna Lash mascara! Those are my go to products every time!


Your favorite wardrobe item right now: Definitely the jacket from Topshop I’m wearing in this photo shoot & my dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


What makes or breaks a look: Every item we wear makes a difference starting from the bra! But I think that the hair plays an important role in making or breaking the look, after all “A happy hair day is a happy day!”


Summer or winter fashion? Definitely summer fashion & hot stuff! Winter fashion is just cool… not too cool though!


I usually don’t buy drugstore foundation because I have a very sensitive skin, but I gave this NYX foundation a try. And my shot was on point as this foundation turned out to be super lightweight & has a buildable coverage thanks to the drop formula so it works well for everyday make up if you want light coverage. The only thing I found trouble with is the direct application on the face as things might get messy! NYX recommends using the special total control brush for application: http://bit.ly/2gm8Oiy


Welcome autumn with this palette 10 different colors, mixing between mattes and shimmers. The mirror & a double-end sponge applicator are well hidden underneath, you just have to slide the top part. Be careful not to miss it!

As for the shadows quality I have mixed feelings, some colors aren’t as strong as they appear to be, like the purple shade. But others have really nice pigmentation like the goldy orange one (I loveeed this shade).

Final verdict: I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I think you can find better drugstore palette with the same price range, but the colors shade range/combination is a winner!

Products bought from NYX shop – ABC Verdun, Lebanon

All bets on red

Put a bet on red, put a bet on love, put a bet on new chances & put a bet on yourself!

Put a bet on red because it will give glam and power to any look.

Put a bet on red because it will give you strength when you feel like everything is black & white.

Put a bet on yourself because you know more than anyone else what you’re worth.


4 628


Go bold or go home.

Forget about keeping things low profile while trying to kill the cold, this season fur variation will make you feel fabulous facing the storms.

So unleash your wildness from the forgotten part of your closet and wear your fur anytime & anywhere.

Dare to wear it big & colorful as seen on the catwalks. Dare to wear it in the day time with your favorite jeans to keep it hip!


2016: A smile well earned

2016 was the year of surprises, involving unpredictable good & bad events!

I went from redhead to blonde, lost 8 kg, did 1 piercing, visited 4 cities in Italy – my dream country & let go on 2 of my biggest fears. Those are some of the unexpected things that happened last year without being on my “resolutions” list. But the most unexpected thing in 2016 was discovering that I have earned myself a smile on my own, a smile I’m proud of.

I made myself happy & did the things that made me feel good inside, independently from anyone in my life, away from the imaginary perfection that I was trying to reach in previous years & re-done things the way I enjoyed them.

I let go on my urge to plan & have control on everything and just let things happen which made good things more exciting and the bad events less damageable.

2016 didn’t reward me the way I expected to but I can’t say it was bad. It made me realize how much I changed my perspective and how much it allowed me to grow & smile through everything.

So for 2017 don’t stress over making many resolutions, just try to have fun while doing the little things and remember the things that matter the most as the good things will find their way to you without trying hard to reach them.

Be sad but make your sorrows brief.

Laugh more & let people know when you’re happy and remember that happiness isn’t about perfection but about staying true.

Enjoy your Monday even if it meant the start of a busy week.

Enjoy your Saturday night even if it didn’t included a party till dawn.

Enjoy your Sunday road trip even if you get lost along the way.

Finally i want to thank all the people that made me smile till it hurt this year & a bigger thanks to the people who made me smile when it hurt.